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  1. I have a PB digifant engine with flowed manifolds sat in my sisters garage. My question is will these fit my G60 engine?
  2. I replaced the broken ARB drop link, Nice and shiney bit underneath my car-show standard you could say. Rest of the chasis lets it down though. :cuckoo:
  3. i paid under a fiver for a pdf copy on a cd rom and i cant complain.
  4. Try the injector seals for the sake of a few pence.
  5. How about some pics of your progress adie?
  6. You got any other gimozs? Ive got some days off now, i'l have a good look over it, (MOT time) and report back. Now you can see why I put my early valver in the garage for later. :wink:
  7. Thanks mate, you have PM. :wink:
  8. Also have some Corrado-forum stickers to put in-Cheers Phil K!
  9. Early days....................... 1990 G60 in Dark Purple, LHD, imported in 1992, electric recaro interior, lots of gadgets-ABS, cruise control, headlamp adjusters, supersprint exhaust system and dented wing soon to be replaced! To do. Wing, Charger and belts, Respray, New wheels, God knows what else-I need to cut up my plastic!
  10. And ive got adjustable headlights. :oops:
  11. Thanks guys, not really driven it far or hard as i want the charger and belts changing first-any offers? :roll: It is indeed a LHD and has the electric recaro interior, much more equipment than my early rado valver. Looking to get it re-painted when all is deemed well with the engine dept.
  12. What does this switch do guys? Its not an MFA as thats on the other side, any clues? One says "FIX" the other says "AUFN"
  13. Any chance of some pics Chris? and what he said^^^^
  14. Spoke to the "brain" at C&R who are official suppliers of genuine ADP's and he told me that the company has never made ADP's for the Corrado, although there was a prototype made a few years back, it never made it into production due to the fact it was bloody huuuuuge!
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