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  1. Haven’t found a cheaper option than eBay mate
  2. The heads screw off the vw genuine/beru ones. Nice and simple
  3. If u still looking for this, my friend is MD at [email protected] and they will look after u
  4. Hi guys anyone got a csv for the 2l 16v 9a engine knocking around? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the PM Si. Let me know how to pay for the small linkage. I'll probably end up needing the large one too but will see how I go with the small one as that is definitely knackered. Thanks
  6. I'm looking for a replacement linkage. excuse the ignorance, but I assume I need the long one as mine is a RHD car (93 2L 16v)? Will you post to Ireland?
  7. I had problems with my abs for a long time. Light staying on then going off after breaking or if I restarted car etc. it turned out it was the abs sensor on one of the wheels. Simple fix and not expensive when I got around to it
  8. Hi guys - is the VW|191 863 447 for the mk2 golf the same one also?
  9. Need more info mate. Best to record video of engine running and post
  10. Ditto. Intriguing story all the same
  11. I might start investing in barns if there are any more out there like this!
  12. Dublin - This morning about 9:15. Black? Rado, not sure of model - Looked clean. High vis jacket on and on the phone at side of road in an estate in Dublin 2 near SCR. Gave eachother a wave.
  13. This thought has crossed my mind recently also as you never know when the rado will abruptly cease to function, although with slightly different considerations: - I work away from my family during the week, so have a 300 mile round trip at the weekends and rado is my daily driver - Wife due a baby, so thinking I need a car that will take 2 baby seats in the back and my 8 year old in the middle (so 2x2's are out-need middle seat belt) I agree with all the comments below on just how special the corrado is (which is why I've owned mine for 10 years). Originally thought of getting an FTO/GTO,an old audi Quattro or an S2. You can't beat the Corrado for that feeling of cameraderie between drivers, the rareness (especially in Ireland) and the shape - sporty but not shouty I would love an A5, but way to expensive, so I thought of an A4 1.8T conv. (cheap insurance, good shape, but conv. too :camp: ). Could probably just about bring myself to drive a BMW if was a fully specced 325+ ci (maybe in red)or the M3 (pretty rare in Ireland, althrough the insurance here and the chances of it gettign nicked are high, not to mention the fact that a £10K one would cost an additional €15k+ in VRT import tax! :mad2: Its bad that the BMW is the only reasonable alternative I could come up with :shrug: A dilemma indeed!
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