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  1. Blackberry, lowered, with crystal rears and a Nurburgring emblem, leaving the M4 w/b at Slough just now. We were in my wife’s car but so good to see the first Corrado I’ve seen in months. Reminded me just how good they look from the rear on the open road.
  2. There's always every reason to watch a Bond on the television and I enjoyed getting to see Tomorrow Never Dies again tonight. The best bit with that one is getting to boast that I drive a car from a Bond film...the trick is just getting people to look beyond the DB5 in the foreground!
  3. You should have said, I'd have made sure to do so!
  4. Terrible journey home yesterday afternoon with the M5 in meltdown, so decided to take the scenic route through Archers country. Totally the right decision as I passed an M reg VR heading the other way through Inkberrow. Flashed lights and big thumbs up exchanged and it made it all better!
  5. Dark coloured M reg VR (?) heading towards Sixways from the Claines island, yesterday evening at about quarter past six. Looked lovely. Didn't wave as we were in my wife's line green Malaysian special!
  6. Totally agree that they're really coming on people's radar as an increasingly rare classic. I've had tonnes of chufties in the last few weeks, three in particular. The first was in traffic in Worcester at a red light when a chap came running from the kerb across a lane of stationary traffic to give me his card in case I ever wanted to sell up. The second was a young feller who came to the door to try and sell us new windows. The wife answered and told him no thanks, after which he asked if the VR was for sale, as it's his father's dream car. Then today a chap in a Golf R pulled up alongside me at the lights in Worcester to say that he thought the car looked superb, one of the cleanest he'd seen and a gorgeous example. All this when it's hardly concourse and needs a wash! Ten years of owning Corrados and it's more of a joy with each passing year, as there are fewer and fewer around.
  7. M280 ??? passed on the brow of a hill in the road, between Kitwell and Frankley Green crossroads, just over the trees from the lorry park at Frankley Services this morning, about half seven. First spot in ages: gave you a last minute flash of the lights as I went the other way in the VR. Made my morning!
  8. Bloody hellfire, that was quick! They look superb. Pictures when on the car too please! So good to see them being put to use again. Ed.
  9. JEZR, it was great to meet you. Can't think of a nicer chap for the wheels to have gone to and I look forward to seeing what they look like when refurbed.
  10. Cheers Phil, I really appreciate that. Lord knows I've benefited massively over the years from the technical knowhow and friendliness of this forum; I'm always happy to give what I can back. I'm old-fashioned but I still think that's the way the world should work. Thanks for the thought in posting, good of you. Ed.
  11. Simon, you have PM. Both sets of wheels sold. Will notify second dibs people if anything changes. Cheers all, Ed.
  12. RXIIs sold to JEZR. Yanmack, Solitudes are yours for second dibs if Reggie doesn't take them.
  13. Gents, JZR has dibs on the RXII as he got in with first contact. Should he be able to collect this weekend or next, they're his. Ox has second dibs if that falls through. Reggie, absolutely it's £30 for the four Solitudes with tyres. Only caveats are that they must be gone this weekend or the next and that I won't vouch for the tyres; it's been a few years since the wheels came off the VR and went into storage. Plenty of tread on them if you deem them roadworthy. I'm well aware that I'm selling each set for less than their worth but with all the hassle of a house move, I just want them guaranteed gone quickly to enthusiasts who'll get some use out of them. Ed.
  14. Greetings all, Amazing what you find in the roofspace of the garage when you've got to move house... Up for sale are: 1. A set of 4 15 inch BBS Solitudes. I gave them a DIY refurb when I got them and put them on my VR some years ago. At the time this meant: sanding down, primer, rattle can silver and lacquer. Clearly not professional quality but perfectly presentable, especially as winter wheels. Wheels come shod with BF Goodrich, so excellent tyres with plenty of tread but not fresh rubber, so you'd have to evaluate roadworthy condition for yourself. SOLD to reggieBaby 2. A set of 4 16 inch BBS RXII split rims from a Mark IV Golf. They are the usual 6.5J width and were on the VR until a few weeks ago, when I sourced and had refurbed a set of the 7J anniversary RXIIs. The wheels come with no rubber and have the inevitable corrosion to the outer rim from where crud gets in by the splits. In the hands of a professional or an able amateur they would come up a treat. SOLD to JEZR In each case, £30 collected and they're yours; the caveat is that this has got to be in the next couple of weekends, as we're moving in three weeks and they need to be gone before then! Feel free to make me an offer so long as you can collect: I'd like to see these pass on to the next Corrado/Dub enthusiast as they passed to me before. I'm in Worcester, within easy reach of J7 of the M5. Cheers, Ed.
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