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  1. Hey guys, I've somehow lost this adaptor which bolts into the side of the cylinder head. The oil feed banjo bolt screws into this adaptor. Does anyone have one going spare? Located in North London. Many thanks, Jonathan
  2. You've been a big help!! Many thanks Simeon! =)
  3. Thanks Simeon, Much appreciated!! Been considering the Wagner cooler. Did you go for the Rallye or Golf G60 version? I can imagine sourcing the pipe work wasn't too easy? As for the VR rad, thanks again and I'll look into it. Apart from chopping the towing eye, is there much else needed to be done? Front slam panel need much trimming/cutting? Many thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I'm soon sending off my charger off for a service and was thinking of upgrading a few bits... I'm definitely adding an oil cooler but what do people generally do when it comes to upgrading the factory radiator and intercooler? I wont be running huge power, I will be adding a 68mm pulley and chip. Any advice would be much appreciated! Jonathan =)
  5. Thanks for the reply mate!!! How much for it posted? I'm assuming from Italy? Do you have a pic of the wing? Thanks
  6. Hey guys, Hope you can help. I'm in need of a late spec drivers side wing. Preferably in red but more importantly is its condition. Located in North London. Many thanks, Jonathan :) 07939 318 969
  7. Thanks for the offer but I'm looking for an oval tipped back box similar to jetex/miltek Appreciate the offer though!
  8. Hey guys, My exhaust broke this week and wanted to see if anyone's selling one on here. Located in North London, it's for my 1992 G60. Many thanks Jonathan 07939 318 969
  9. Top guy in NW London (Mill Hill) - 'Shane'!! He's been in the VAG scene for over 20 years. Fitted a Clifford 650 MK2 to my Corrado over the weekend, he also fitted the same alarm to my brothers MK2 20VT. Very tidy job, honest guy that I would recommend to anyone looking for an alarm! 07956 195 313
  10. Hey guys, Hope you can help. I'm needing a few bits for a late black dash. They are: Glove box Lower passenger tray Dashboard passenger side speaker grill All switches except rear de-mister. I'm located in North London. Hope someone can help!! Many thanks Jono =)
  11. Sorry for the late reply. I'll have them up tomorrow. Jono
  12. Sorry dude...Wanting to sell it 'whole' ---------- Post added at 9:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 9:00 PM ---------- Bump guys....£150 takes the lot
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