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  1. Hey guys, After nearly 2 years of ownership and a lot of money later my impreza is now up for sale http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150661071252?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  2. Spaced them out now fella :D Haha yea thats one thing I've noticed without fail everytime, the car park always has something to offer too :lol:
  3. Hey all, Haven't posted for a while but still have my love for rado's, it hasn't dissapeared with owning a scooby :tongue: I thought I would post up these pics for you :) 1st time I've been to this show before. I had visited mph a couple of times before but felt like it was time for a change and with some truly amazing machines of decades gone by complete with the modern day crop of supercars it didn't dissapoint. Getting up close to Ayrton Senna's MP4/4 was worth the trip alone, I honestly couldn't describe the feeling I got when I 1st laid eyes on the car, standing beside the Jaguar XJR-9 that won Le Mans in 1988, the Maseratti 250f and finally getting a glimpse of the red bull rb6 in the flesh without a field of mechanics standing behind it trying to hide its secrets! I can honestly say for a motorsport fan I can't recommend this show enough, all the cars you watch on tv competing in their various championships is a great spectacle, going to the events is even better but nothing beats actually getting up close and personal to these machines. From the old legends of the past to the modern day racers that tear up circuits week in week out its well worth the journey :) I put together all my videos yesterday and they finally uploaded this morning http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_daNA3zNMg - Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gE-D-lD6Aek - Part 2 Hope you like
  4. I honestly hope the government never ever make the choice to bring new rules into play that would basically outlaw old cars. What about the REAL classic cars from days gone by let alone ours? Electric motors are all fine and well for being torquey but come on, would you really wanna hear a whine over a vr6 on full chat? I know what id go for :wink:
  5. Lmao I feel uber unqualified to post here after reading some of the posts :lol: Worked as an apprentice auto electrician with my local bus company which was travel dundee at the time, got special permission to start the job when I was 15 on an extended work experience leave, then was full time from when I was 16, although unfortunately due to college being stuck in a mechanics class the actual things I was being taught had nothing to do with electrics, every other person in the class was training to be a mechanic so after disputes and requests to be sent to a special training school which was specifically for auto electrician training on buses it was always "we'll see what we can do" but nothing ever happened so I left as I new I was never going to learn what I needed too. So now I'm a full time dj/producer/remixer and I run my own label as well now also with a very good dutch friend who's experience in the industry is just unbelievable. I sometimes wish I had stuck it out and just stayed with it because I genuinely loved the job, it was truly rewarding and even as a young lad knowing your part of the team and doing your bit too keep a service running was a great feeling and I genuinely miss it, but you can't dwell on the past and what I'm doing now I love just as much, only downside is its a tough tough industry to get up the ladder in.
  6. Thats one of the best things about a car like that, if you actually have to put the effort in and actually physically drive the car then its a much more engaging drive, none of this flappy paddle nonsense, as good as they are I wouldn't purchase a car if it had one regardless of how good it is, rev matching down the gears, nicely weighted steering, best thing about them is just the fact they are completely pure, nothing between you and the throttle pedal, just how it should be imo :)
  7. If you were seriously considering the new type r though wouldn't you think about importing a civic coupe instead? or even going for a dc5, a lot of money saved and with a lot of spare cash could be well spent elsewhere.
  8. Absolutely stunning, really shows the car in its glory 8) :luvlove:
  9. I have to agree with that point. I was taken out in a friends DC2 and I thought my red g60 handled like it was on rails, to be honest I wouldn't had much hope in keeping pace with the dc2 and that was in standard form, it corners and handles in a way that you really do need too experience to believe, I'm not trying to take anything away from the corrado's capabilities but I'm not the 1st person to say a corrado wouldn't know what way the car went. Its an absolute beauty, thoroughly looking forward to a trackday with it as well. Its a great all round car because it is the best of both worlds, compliant and quiet then when you really want to just grab it by the scruff of its neck you can, it really is a pure drivers car and one of the things that appeals to me is the fact they are rare (well up this way anyway). But again it doesn't feel as special as the corrado, in terms of performance though the dc2 is sublime.
  10. Thats an absolute bargain :shock:
  11. That must be fun getting into that with a hangover :lol: Gastly tbh
  12. It was worse than the old one so who cares :) Give me an ep3 or dc2 over one of them anyday of the week!
  13. LOL, yeah, I think we all know a compulsive liar like that :lol: It's always the people with a little bit of knowledge in a given subject who try and come across as an expert to try and impress people. I get that in IT a lot. Such as the insurance advisor who left the firm where I once worked as a support analyst and became an IT anaylst himself for a rival insurance company. He clearly fooled the interviewer with his BS as he knew jack about computers. Anyway, 4 or 5 of us were sat at a table in a pub one night and he explained to us about the tape robots in his new employer's comms room. This is 100% true....he said they walked around the comms room with flashing lights on their heads and he was called out at 3 in the morning because one had "fallen over and couldn't get back up again". He arrived and it was flapping it's arms and legs like a beetle with steam coming out of it. Well, you can imagine the rest of us kicking eachother's feet under the table, trying our hardest not to burst out laughing!! He was dead serious aswell. For those who don't know, a 'Tape Robot' is merely a large cabinet full of computer tapes and a little arm automatically slides along on rails and swaps the tapes around according to a back-up schedule. He knew we didn't have a tape library, so thought he could hoodwink us with BS stories about things that don't exist. He'd obviously heard a colleague saying something had "fallen over", whichy is clearly a common phrase for a computer crash, and then fabricated a story around it. And irony of it is he's earning a bloody fortune in the city now as an IT consultant :cuckoo: He's living proof that Bullschitt gets you further in life that honesty! HAHAHA! that is great! We have a tape lib in our comms room... i'm going to have a good look at that lil robot! i don't trust it! it's going to jump out of it's library cage and have midnight comms room partys with the servers! LMFAO!!! :lol: Ah mate that is absolutely class :lol:
  14. To be honest bud the bits I left on were with good reason, the rear felt very instable at high speeds, as mentioned when you cornered hard i.e chucking it into a corner or even a fast sweeping bend the rear would step out on you violently or start too slide out, the whole car handled like an utter pig. So many faults and I'm glad to say my guilty feeling is gone now :lol: But yea learnt my lesson with that one well and truly.
  15. On the road down from Braemar, Kip? I take it that is a spot reading, not a mean over dozens of miles? You start at about 1000ft above sea level - we got 37+mpg from Braemar to home near Edinburgh, which includes a good bit of M90. The majority of the roads leading to and from braemar really are fantastic! My red g60 I got pretty much 38/40mpg all the time, never really checked it when giving it the beans. My green goblin of a g60 didn't go above 27 when I had it :cuckoo:
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