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  1. How about pictures before and after of egr and cooler of a A3 tdi would that help (probably not) If anyone wants to do an independent test they are more than welcome to, if they want to go to the expense of stripping 2 engines down before and then replacing gaskets and running one engine through terraclean and the other same process without terraclean and then stripping both engines down and replacing gaskets again, it is an expensive route just to prove a point, but there is no one stopping them. Go speak to people that have actually had the service done and see what the response is!!! Anyway heres a few pics before and after terraclean of the EGR and Cooler from an A3 tdi Terraclean egr tool Before EGR After Before after Dave I don't know whether you have heard of it but EGR stands for exhaust gas recirculation, it is a method of further reducing NOx gases by re introducing them to the inlet manfold, that is how inlet valves also get introduced with carbon, especially on direct port injection vehicles as the tops of the inlet valves never see any direct fuel contact to wash any soot build up off unlike older conventional port injection systems, a certain amount of oil which seep past stem seals will also build up on the tops of the inlets as they get burnt onto the surface and with no direct contact with fuel this will carry on to build up causing loss of performance over a period of time.. If you don't believe in the process you don't believe it really is as simple as that I really don't care if you don't believe we don't expect to accept the product the response from many thousand of people that have actually tried has been very positive. By the way there are no detergents used in the petrol terraclean system, refined fuels and technology are the only things needed to get results that off the shelf products can't achieve!!!
  2. Seem to recall you saying the exact same thing more than a year ago David, whoever told you that modern engines don't suffer from carbon related issues obviously don't deal with modern engines. 2009 2 ltr tfsi intake valves after 25k Audi A3 tdi egr valve My 170k miler 4.2 v8 s6 avg'd 15mpg when I got it with hydrocarbons being 176ppm, now doing a respectable 22-24 mpg on the shortish journeys I do with hydrocarbons being reduced to 25ppm, lambda and co% are also bang on.
  3. That would be me :) I don't get on here much anymore as sold my 2nd G60 last year (now running an S6) Still offering the Terraclean service in Sussex area if anyone is interested :)
  4. Hi, You can find all the dealer locations on the facebook page found here http://www.facebook.com/Terraclean?ref=ts Hope that helps
  5. Hmm interesting, was looking at 1&1 prices for hosting which are reasonable. I dont think an inverter will have enough juice to run a compressor tbh, I looked into getting a generator for a 25ltr 1.5hp compressor, I ve been told you need at least a 3kva to be able to handle crank load on a 1.5hp compressor. Was going to do an Omega 3.2 V6 today, unfortunately the 201300s kit which I was supplied hasn't got the m16 x 1.5 fitting, rang Ranstad but Chris the techy is away so no one could tell me if there should have been one in the kit, their website doesn't show whats supposed to be in the 201300s kit either, not very happy having to turn a customer away because of a bloody adapter. Did you get #201335KN in your kit? (added pic)
  6. Oh lol my mistake I thought that didn't sound right :) Are you getting much work through having the website, something I might have to consider. looking good though. If you see the pictures of the original machine ( think theres a pic of it in the user manual) Guess your just using an eleccy compressor (1.5/2hp) and using the customers electricity, I tried to find out specs of air consumption so I could get the smallest compressor possible for portability with the ability to use a small generator for event work, where theres no sockets available. I'm currently using my 50ltr compressor but its way to big to cart around, so limited to working out of my garage at the moment.
  7. Bmw's, merc's, Jags and quite a few Fords use schrader valve fittings, very easy to install, just finding the relays and fuses for the fuel pumps is the real pain in the backside. So you haven't actually bought the kit then, I presume your just renting it, but at £12 a month thats a bargain. I bought mine outright with 12 of each canisters to start with and just the petrol machine couldn't stretch to the diesel machine too, had to point a few customers to other tc agents with the facility to do diesels. I'm only doing it part time also as have full time job, haven't really been advertising, just getting what comes from the terra clean facebook page and direct enquiries. I don't know why the made the machine so big, as 50% of it is just useless plastic, might modify it to make it more compact, the drawers are sh*t, I keep all my adapters and things in a roll cab. Where abouts are you located in kent? Theres a possibility in the future we could sort a day where we could organise a day to do forum members cars at a meet or rr day, don't know if that would be somethging you would be interested in doing. All my contact details are in my sig if you want to get in touch Ant
  8. Hows it going Mike, how are you finding the equipment? I've had mine since June, you may have seen that I ve been offering the terra clean service on here to forum members for a while now, not many takers as with all forums members are located all over the country, doesn't seem to be that many down here in the south east wanting to give it a try.. Welcome aboard anyway, you'll be getting plenty of phone calls from Tony at Ranstad :) Ant
  9. A nice little video by Frank Massey from Autoinform magazine explaining process
  10. Anyone else in the sussex/surrey area who wants to come for a Terra Clean service? Had to do a tin and board ford on Saturday, left a puddle of oil on my drive :
  11. will it fit my dog? all the other dog walkers would be well jealous if does!
  12. The terra clean is a 2 part treatment, you have the injector treatment first then once thats finished it moves onto the decarb of the combustion components, if your currently having injectors sonically cleaned there wouldn't be any real gain in running the terra clean injector treatment as well.
  13. Gone very quiet on here so thought I'd bump it up :) Got time this coming weekend Fri/Sat and Sunday available for anyone who wants to get the treatment done, give your car a treat give it some love and restore lost performance and prolong the life of your engine :)
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