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  1. dont buy gsf waterpumps they are shite, i went through 3 on my mk3 golt gti.... in the end i just stuck on a genuine one and it was perfect (and only s tenner more expensive)
  2. if the 150bhp 4x4 you are looknig at has an AGU engine code then the most you will be able to map it to is 195bhp due to it having the Ko3 (small) turbo.. You can change the turbo etc, but tbh you'd just be better getting a vrs. I used CCC Tech (Simon Coe) yesterday to chip my A31.8T 150bhp... it;s now 190-195bhp and it is stupidly quick compared to how it was
  3. alan white AKA Autotechnik in Totton is now mobile - he'll do it i would have thought. very knowledgeable guy - tel: 07703101618 :salute:
  4. i think this is the company i used in toon... for refurb the guy is called james did a set of 4 TT 6 spoke alloys for £100 plus vat Car Fix 1 The Nurseries, Medburn, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear NE20 0JB Tel: 01661 821 600 Mobile: 0784 338 4474 or if you fancy going down the powder coat route (if you have some spare wheels) try : industrial finishing specialists 0191 4950698 they charged me £70 to sand blast and powder coat a set of solitudes. they did a very good job indeed. After a years use they had no blemishes whatsoever. hope this helps. matt
  5. agreed, defo throttle body my mk3 gti 8v was the same.. also replacing the dizzy cap and rotor arm is peanute so do that at the same time. 8)
  6. did u get hold of alan then?
  7. top head units if you wnat to save yourself 3 points and a fine... we have all had close shaves with the rozza's whiulst on the phone.. This way you get a new cd player and bluetooth!! :clap:
  8. You'll want a 225bhp BAM engine out of a TT or S3 or Leon CR - You can get them stage 1 remapped to 265BHP, but without spending lots of money for no huge gain i would be happy with that. Exhaust might give you a few bhp but not many..
  9. Hi there as Toad says I use Alan White formerly mr Autotechnik in Totton, he is now mobile and has a phenominal knowledge of VW's especially Corrados his number is 07703 101618 Just say Matt from Whiteparish put you in contact. He is a really genuine guy who only does work on VAG cars. :)
  10. :lol: :lol: :lol: Maybe i'll go with the ccc tech (upsolute) one then... I spoke to Simon too and he seemed very knowledgeable.. whereas other people have seemed full of sh!t... (not mentioning any names).... did fuel economy drop much??? :confused4: not thati am really bothered
  11. the only think is that jkm want £450 plus for a remap - i'm not tight but i have heard good things of custom code and they are £200 less!! :scratch:
  12. HI guys been looknig to get my A3 1.8T non drive by wire (so cant be flashed through the port) remapped - Basically I have done my reading up on all of them (superchips revo etc) and have come to the decision that custom code suits my needs best, but CCC tech do mobile fitting of upsolute chips too. Has anyone had any experience of either company with tuning a VAG car? Custom code is £248 fitted plus DV valve Upsolute is £275 fitted plus they recommend just changing your old DV valve for a new Audi one, not the forge 007 Please help... :help:
  13. I'll give him a bell at lunch, anyone had a Upsolute chip? heard anything about them?
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