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  1. The Chinese Jetta dash is LHD with the heater controls the other way round:- [ATTACH=CONFIG]75312[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]75313[/ATTACH]
  2. Found them this time, as you said, under 'Electrical'. Thanks again, Ian.
  3. Thanks, Ian. Actually thought I may as well go for heated since we've got the wiring... Assume that'll be an 'A' or 'B' suffix on the part no. I couldn't find them in VAGCAT although I looked carefully. Where did you find them?
  4. Hi guys Just about to get a new carbon bonnet fitted and want to use Mk4 screen washers to avoid drilling it. Anyone got the part nos for Mk4 screen washers and will I need any other Mk4 parts to do the job? Thanks.
  5. Deal at 20 quid, mate. Can you PM payment details, please?
  6. Hi Just broke the lugs off my badegless grille trying to get the bonnet open after the release cable snapped, so need a replacement. Must be mint with all lugs intact, of course. Rear plastic cover for passenger side door mirror, ideally in moonlight blue but any colour will do. Drivers' lower door pin would be handy, too, if anyone's got one that isn't as worn as mine.
  7. I'll take that posted, please. PM payment details.
  8. Yep, just the plastic cover on the back - passenger side.
  9. Anyone able to help me with a bottom door pin and a passenger door mirror back cover? Colour of the mirror cover not important.
  10. Sounds good, mate. Can you post a pic?
  11. Caught the passenger door mirror a glancing blow on my mother's driveway fence and broke off the lower section, so looking for a replacement for my late VR. Would ideally like one in moonlight blue but any colour will do.
  12. I could certainly be interested, if it's a rolling late VR and depending on how far into the future you're thinking.
  13. Shame about the inspection covers, otherwise it would be quite straightforward. How close are they to your boundary, ie, what will become the entry point to the new driveway - the part which is not still pavement?
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