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  1. I did have them but unsure when they disappeared? Possibly when the membership was renewed
  2. I agree, I’ve also emailed Toby to see about bringing back the Moderator status for whoever did it previously as it seems to have lapsed
  3. Good stuff, I must get back into some tinkering as well, blink and another year rolls bye 😁👍
  4. I seem to have lost my moderator status as well, I tried to find that guy to ban him but I found it very difficult to even find him, and when I did I got no options to do anything. I’ll email Toby and ask the question about fendervg and myself 👍
  5. You can just see them either side of the (badly drawn) white arrow
  6. I’m happy to wait mate, I’m on a forever journey of collecting parts 😁👍
  7. I best take a pair as well, with circlips please 😁👍
  8. Those wheels are absolutely beautiful, great job. Hope the courier thing works out 👍
  9. Excuse the dust/mess, it’s sat a long time so very likely everything is in the correct place 👍
  10. I can’t quite remember plastic triangle ones but when I looked back it’s been a good few years since I did that task
  11. The clips are pictured here mate, sort of sprung offset U shapes. The only danger is breaking the plastic part they grip around. As far as I remember I came in from the side with a small flat head screwdriver 👍
  12. No idea I’m afraid
  13. Welcome back mate, although you never really left 🤣
  14. This seems to be a thing now, a yearly update reporting very little 🤣 At some point last year I was ready to get it finished off, with lots of help from Goldie, we set about sorting all the small gremlins, mostly electrical, and we solved most easily………. Still to sort the horn, stupid thing when you change wheels 🤔 But then we discovered that the brake servo rod that attaches to the pedal was bent, so it had to come out, definitely not as easy with the engine and interior in……….100% my fault as I forgot to attach it to the pedal, and we bled it a couple of times so we(me) were up and down on that pedal eventually bending the thing. Lost the mojo for it at that point, fast forward a few months and it got swapped over with lots of swearing. Also changed the ignition switch, and redid the wiring orientation on the dual pole sender for the centre gauges. And that’s where it stopped, work got busy again, dark nights came in and I left it under the cover. Had a wee look recently and it was a wee bit mouldy, so I have it airing at the moment, all the wee mouldy bits cleaned up. Hoping to actually get it alive this year 🤞 Put new bits in the drivers seat as well and it feels very stable 👍
  15. easypops

    92 VR6 engine ECU

    Closest I’ve got is 021 906 258 CP
  16. I used a Porsche clip as it’s identical but already black. For the fixed side I had to trim the existing part a bit to get it into the hole but then it was kind of like for like I think, it’s been a while 🤣
  17. I am still alive, just snowed under with work. I didn’t use the Audi TT ones I had as they were too long. I ended up using the Golf 3.5 ones, not a perfect fit either but close enough for me
  18. What about the ignition switch? I changed mine during my very prolonged build but I also had random power issues even after the key was removed. I read on Facebook that there are 2 different types. I’ve swapped from the previous black one back to a cream one but yet to test it. Just that you mentioned various symptoms with ignition on
  19. Probably of zero help in the actual problem but the fog light and horn wiring is easily mixed up, over by the battery, same plugs. So it’s likely you can eliminate that one
  20. As has been said, pictures/location/rough price you’re hoping for. And what category of write off is it?
  21. Not Furniture Clinic, it’s Gliptone (Liquid Leather). As for time, it was done over a weekend, I had to re glue all the door cards as the leather was loose most of the way round. I used contact glue for that. Then scrubbed the seats with various lotions and potions, but soapy water and a sponge/cloth will do that. Then a clean all over with isopropyl, then 3 coats of dye applied with a sponge and a small brush. It was pretty easy and very forgiving and dried fast . All done outside as the weather was decent. Once it had a day to dry properly I went over it with conditioner
  22. I eventually got round to doing this after a few years 🤣 I used the Scuffmaster , I’ll attach a picture of the actual dye. Be aware though that I did the whole interior, not sure a repair wouldn’t stand out a bit as it’s very likely not going to match 100% a well worn set. I liked the results that much I’ve bought a 2nd bottle as I have another cream interior (Recaro’s) as I sold the standard one after I’d got it all dyed etc. Plus, I’ve got a bottle of the grey (sent a sample in to match) so I could do the other interior at some point
  23. Welcome back mate, no one really goes away 😁
  24. I’m surprised mate, but you’ve had a long time, best of luck with whatever you decide 👍
  25. Aye, looks like obd1 to me…….. I wonder if he’d sell the flap mechanism separately? 🤣
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