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  1. Evening all, hope your all well! Well after 3 years i might be returning back to the corrado! Its come about that i was randomly looking on autotrader and came across my old car corrado 2.0l 16v so i decided to go and see it and unfortunatley it would seem the guy i sold it to really didnt look after it so it was a shame to see it in a sorry state. However it got me thinking it would be nice to do it up and get it looking nice again if the money was right as i always regretted selling it and if it wasnt for me needing the money for insurance on my new car i would never have sold it! Some background info on the car 188000 miles 1992 on a K 2.0l 16v mot till 09 2011 no tax when i had it i had the Head gasket done new heater matrix new stero system worth a grand when new, new sigma alarm system with full closure, new exhaust manifold passenger door window mechanism was replaced with a 2nd hand unit, new expansion tank as the seal failed. Now from memory most of the above are the common corrado faults which actually means when i sold it it was a mint valver and sold it for £1800 its now up for £1495 which i feel is a bit ambitious but offered a grand for a laugh to see what he would say he had to phone the seller as it is with them under SOR (sale or return) he came back that he would take a grand for it which surprised me to be honest which possibly has me worried, but from the impression i got from the guy at the garage he just want shot of it as its not something they want to be seen selling lol Some things i havent mentioned is that i did notice it had an oil leak it only seemed to be coming from the sump plug so it could be something as simple as that but i would think if thats all it was they or he would have sorted that rather than selling a car with a some newspaper underneath, I couldnt feel any oil any higher unless it was dripping to that point so not 100% on this one not sure if theres any usual places they can leak from to check any help with this would be good, also the bodywork was a bit tatty but i can sort that as i can do spraying anyway so that doesnt worry me to much just a few dents one odd one in particular on the boot and rear quarter. Now ive been thinking that if i did buy it i would be happier to spend £800 as i would be taking a risk with the oil leak and would have to spend some money to get it looking good, but knowing the history of the car and knowing the money spent on it previously i know theres a good car there. What im after is for your opinions as to wether im letting my heart rule my head is it worth a punt at £800 or from the above would that be to much for a valver, especially with the mileage is that overally high? near the end of the engines life not sure how far these cars go to be honest? Any help advice would be much appriciated especially if any ideas on the oil leak. Thanks Greg
  2. Hi im after to buy sum G3 compound, i would buy off tinternet but cant wait that long really need sum for tomorrow, my question is can it be bought off the shelf and where from, i live in winchester Hampshire thanks in adavce :D
  3. Basically ive got my eye on two vr6 corrados at the mo, ones a 92 on a k plate the other a 1995 on a M, basically apart from age is there any difference between spec of the early and late VR thanks in adavance :)
  4. i had to remove mine once just heat them up with a hair dryer or if yr daring like i was i used a heat gun which warms the glue and u just gradually pull them off, i used some pre-paint which i had around at the time which sorted out the glue residue, got that from frost.co.uk, deffo looks better without, but as everyone has said in the past beware in car parks!! :lol:
  5. i had same problems with my valver turned out lamba sensor had come dissconected, 2mins and fixed
  6. thats not wot i wanted to hear!! but all the same it does seem a nice C
  7. Lovin the banter guys!! :lol: I still feel that the seller is bein a bit ambitious with the price, that is why i asked as i wanted to know if it was just me or wether it was just over priced. The mileage is obviously v low but with my valver when i bought it, it had 155000 miles and had a heap of reciepts for all kinds of work, and in the year ive owned it ive managed to spend £3K on it to keep it on the road (not that im complainin as i love my C and will be very sad to see it go) but havin a C with only 55000 miles its gonna need £££'s spent on the usual VW faults whereas with a higher mileage car these are ussually sorted and can make a better car. obviously the mileage is low and its completely standard in the lovely blackberry colour ( i realised i put black before) which makes it superb for makin my own but obviously that comes at a price to!! I will be ringin the seller tomorrow so shall no more then. I have never spent this kinda money before (ive never had this kinda money before its only from workin really hard and ridiculous hrs that i can even think bout doin this) so i was thinking of if i go for this one gettin the RAC to have a butchers and do one of those inspections, is this just a waste of money or a sensible thing to do anyone have any experience with these??
  8. looks a good C for the money but Blackpool is quite a way 4 me pitty as im sure its a cracker of a car!! judging by wots been said £6.5 isnt over the top for a vr in tiptop condition then, just ive been lookin for a little while now and not seen many up for this amount lately, so i guess ill have to fone the seller and ask if the price is negotiable before travellin the hundred odd miles to go see!! just noticed this evening that its a trade dealer as well never bought from a garage before :?
  9. just a quickie im thinkin of sellin my valver and have seen a vr for sale black with leather interor, tax and tested, fvwsh, 55000 miles 17' alloys its up at £6.5K i thought this was a tad expensive just wonderin wot you guys thought i havent seen it yet so can only tell you from the ad but it does sound good!! just that price :?
  10. Go on get one!! 8) my valver is only my 2nd car but its the best driving experience ive ever had which becomes addictable!! are they dependable in my case no but then thats part of the fun and i ve learnt loads in fixing her afterall she is 15yrs old my main probs were heater matrix and head gasket both which cost around £800 Insurance for me has been pretty good this year around £500 but then thats for a valver hope this helps but as said just go and buy one youll never look bck!!
  11. ive e-mailed the seller about this wing and he says its early spec now from doin a search i believe my panels are late spec as the bonnet is shaped like this ___-----___ does this mean that the wings are definitly late spec is there any other way of finding out for definate that my C is late spec??? also did the wing mirrors change at all between late and early spec?? thanks in advance :D
  12. hi fellas thought id hijack this thread just to ask a simular question see this for sale but i see its got a black piece im assuming plastic on the lower right hand side below the indicator, but on my 1992 C its all metal painted red does the plastic strip pull off or is it something different between early and late models, the wing is from a 1990 C doesnt state which model many thanks in advance :D
  13. hi mate when you press the button can you hear the motors working?? if not then its electrical if you can then somnething has probebly snapped within the mirror mechanism just like mine :( use a non shatter ruler to pop the mirror off by easing from behind then take a look and see if theres anything obvious.
  14. hi fellas i bought a set of KW VARIENT 1S coilovers a few months ago for my valver but never have fitted them still fresh in the box from G-werks but im considerin sellin my valver :( :( But only to buy a VR :!: :wink: just wonderin if the coilovers wil fit a VR?? also what sort of money should i be expecting to pay for a decent vr?? i know this has been covered a few times but i did a search yesturday but couldnt find anything but i do remember reading some old posts but i cant remember exactly, however im not startin a new thread so thought it was worth askin. Thanks in advance
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