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  1. Following this thread with a lot of interest as am just about to order up one of these new (old stock) engines too, thanks for posting the link to cabmasters (in the other thread) Alex
  2. alex303

    2.9 bare engine

    This can be CLOSED now please, a friend has kindly offered me a 75K 2.9 bottom end c/w re-built (unused) head at a very fair price.
  3. alex303

    2.9 bare engine

    Looking for a good condition 2.9 engine, preferably just the bare engine as have all the ancillaries (gearbox, shrick, starter, 120A alternator etc already from my current one) Tbh I don't even need the head as have 2No. spare 12v Heads...but appreciate most folks might not want to split block from head so hit me with what you've got. If the engine's been removed already would need to see proof of mileage and condition (regular serving etc) please many thanks Alex
  4. Ok boys and girls so its been a long time since I posed a question...but as it looks like I need to change out my clutch for the 2nd time...would like to put an uprated unit in this time as not impressed that my last genuine Sachs clutch has failed so quickly... What clutches have you switched to, interested in any uprated semi-organic type units...but not paddles clutches please as I don't like them for road driving. I have a Helix or Sachs semi-organic unit in my Supercharged 24v 4Motion already and that's held up well so tempted to go that route on the 12v Rado also...but it does have a heavier pedal feel than stock. So what have you got? And how does it compare with stock in terms of pedal feel / modulation and chatter. cheers Alex
  5. I will take this at the stated asked price @ £150 (sorry Jaybo I was the other interested party)
  6. Likewise I would be interested in a price on the door sills trims
  7. I would like a set also please cheers Alex
  8. I think Chris has stock of the 10mm thick and will shortly be making more of the 20mm also he told me.
  9. 41...have owned a total of 2 Corrado's over the last 15 years
  10. Hi, could someone pm me Chris's email address please, trying to send him payment but I think he's only sent me a partial email address as its not being recognized by PayPal. Tks
  11. I would like a set also for a 94 VR6 please, would prefer the dimpled (original) finish plus 20mm thick if possible...but would consider 10mm thick if not. PM sent.
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