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  1. Many thanks to Shaung60 and Daredev1 for delivering the bits and pieces I purchased in a most expedient manner.
  2. Sukh, Just sat and read the whole build thread. The car's a credit to you. I'd love to have the time and knowhow to tackle something like this. Well done. :salute:
  3. I think we all want to end up on Typhoon to be honest but I'll have to see how it goes!
  4. Hey, cheers for your thoughts. I graduated from Cranwell in November and I'm due to start flying training on March 1st. It certainly isn't for everyone and IOT was a ballache to say the least!! Yeah my Corrado is in good condition if I'm honest. Needless to say there are a few little bits that I'm not happy with but it's always like that. There a little rust spot just appeared around the filler cap and a tiny bit on the O/S front arch but I'm going to get those seen to in the next couple of weeks. Are you running a 312mm brake upgrade? The idea of an engine conversion is appealing, although like I've mentioned before I simply don't have the time or expertise to tackle something on that scale. Flying training is going to be pretty intense so I won't have much time for anything in the next year or two. I'm tempted to just run the VR until it dies. Never had a problem with the engine in 3yrs, it's just a bit tappety now and it pisses me off to listen to it. Need to get some nice audio in there too, just sold my head unit in my passat! Where about's in Scotland are you? I've lived in Aberdeen the last five years but had to move away for work now. Just spent 2 months at Leuchars too.
  5. Thanks for the input gents. After much deliberation I've decided to keep the Corrado and give her the TLC she deserves. The battery is in my kitchen charging as we speak and tomorrow I will attempt to start it for the first time in almost a year! Are there any things I should do, apart from turning the key and hoping for the best? I was considering putting some redex in the first tank of juice to clean her out. Jay
  6. That's lovely. Did you lacquer the rear lights or are they aftermarket? I usually lacquer mine but I'm fed up of redoing them when they fade! Some aftermarket jobbies would be bang on!
  7. Even if I didnt have the time to lift a spanner? Work is pretty intense for the next 3 years so doing anything myself is out of the question! :(
  8. Nothing wrong with it old boy. It's just been sat doing bugger all for a year in the shitty weather. No doubt something will be broken for the MOT!
  9. What's the SIF? Work related thing for us RAF types, they look after any garages on the unit and rent them out. Do you know how much they usually rent for? Not sure how many there are at Cranditz but it's worth a crack!! Saw a lovely R32 this morning. Going for another look on Tues. However, it's not all doom and gloom. The corrado is getting MOT'd on Wednesday then into the bodyshop next week for a touch up. Hopefully I can get a garage at Cranwell to keep her in :D
  10. Thanks for the prompt replies. The problem is that due to the nature of my work, I don't have a garage, or indeed the time to do anything myself which is a pain in the arse. I'm just trying to weigh up the cost of R32 vs. the possibilities of a drive in drive out conversion with £10k. You mention the 4x4 Corrado, there is the option of just buying someone elses hard labour and using my car for spares...
  11. Hey everyone. Its been a while. The last time I drove the car in anger was on the legendary CF Nurburgring trip back in 2008! Since then she has laid dormant in a dark corner of a friends bodyshop, collecting dust whilst I did my RAF basic training. Well, the time has come to look for a new car and I've more or less decided on a MkIV R32. However, I can't get rid of this niggling though which is telling me to spend my money overhauling the Corrado. It just seems to make sense. I could spend the best part of £10,000 on a decent R32, and have a good looking, practical performance V6. It just won't be the Corrado though and that's where I come to the point of these ramblings. I had looked at getting the VR refurbed, but when you're looking at £1200-£3000 for a solid rebuild you are soon into engine conversion territory. This got me thinking. What could you do to a Corrado for £10000? Mine has 150,000 on the clock now, however the bodywork is solid, and the interior is in excellent condition. I priced up estimated costs for stuff I could find on the PSI website, however some of these prices don't include labour, and some are uneducated guesses. Here's what I have so far; PSI Tuning 2.8/3.2 24v Engine conversion £5000 Clutch £500 Quaife LSD £643 Eibach anti roll bar kit £225.43 ECS Stage 3 brake kit Frint £1500 ECS Stage 1 brake kit Rear £480 Suspension Overhaul (Bushings) £300 Audio + Alarm refit £800 Paint £600 BBS LM reps + Tyres £600 TOTAL ~£10500 So and eyewatering £10000. But when you consider that at the end of it you would have a very well sorted R32/2.8 24v rado it kind of seems worth it. I don't know. What are your thoughts? Are these costs realistic? I'm going to ring PSI tomorrow if they are open and have a chat. I'll leave it with you. Jay :?
  12. Jeez.. Almost 18 months since my last post. The Corrado has been in storage for the past year and I've been debating whether or not to sell her. Well, the news is good. She is going to be getting a top end rebuild, big brake upgrade and a respray. The reason being that I've test driven plenty of newish cars in the last year inc. MK4 R32, Impreza P1, EVO MR FQ 320 but nothing feels as special as the Corrado. Watch this space.
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