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  1. It seems strange that a car belonging to a forum member has ended up in the hands of a trader? Maybe it is just me being over cautious but would be good to find out more... James 28 - if you still have yours in January, once you have MOtd for 12 months, I may take a trip down to Wales to see it and then consider making you an offer. Its not possible b4 then im afraid... :(
  2. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... K:MEWAX:IT Hi Im actively looking for a nice vr6 again. Seen this one on ebay where seller makes ref to the owner being member of a corrado forum. Anyone here? Ta
  3. cmoth

    What fuel for the VR

    I found BP 95 worked a treat in mine. More low end than v power although not quite as much zing over 3500rpm. Ive just tried some bp 95 in my golf 4 motion and it appears to be loving it, so is my wallet at £1 pl rather than £1.06 plus for V power! Never found Shell 95 any good at all in any car that Ive tried it in Col
  4. cmoth

    Too hot???

    It could be that your radiator is knackered too, as I had your exact symptoms with an Alfa GTV and the new radiator cured it. Col
  5. Right - here goes with my comparison of the 4 motion to my vr6 Golf looks great in silver, 3 doors and leather. Feels bombproof and much more solid than the corrado. The seats although leather, I cannot seem to get comfortable in and as everyone says, you sit far too high, even on the lowest setting, so no where near as sporty in its feel. Engine feels very torquey below 3500rpm in all gears although the gears are very short indeed and is obviously one of the main reasons for this feeling. The power is not exciting as the vr6 after 3500rpm, although it makes a nice noise, you dont get the feeling of power like you do in the corrado. It does trounce my corrado below 3500 mind you. The golfs breaks are awesome in comparison and the interior is a very fine place to spend time in, just wish that the seats would go lower! The economy is frankly poor compared to the vr6 but cant say that Im too concerned about this as I will not be doing too many miles. I would sum the golf up as a luxury cruiser which does not feel that quick on the open road although in the realworld reality its no slouch ever. The corrado on the other hand feels really hardcore in comparison and once on cam ( 3500plus), it pulls much harder and sounds even better than the 4 motion and is no doubt the one to drive if you just wanna have some fun. So overall, I think I now have the best of both worlds, Golf for long distances and when climate control is needed, despite the comfort factor and the VR6 for all the other times, generally when Im out on my own! My vr6 has just sailed through its MOT yesterday too with not even an advisory, not bad for a 13 year old car with £123k which has been a pleasure to own for the last 12 months. Thanks again for all your input b4 I bought the 4 motion. Col
  6. Thanks for all your replies. I have decided to keep the corrado and buy the 4 motion too so that I have the best of both worlds. I am picking up the 4 motion today. At least this way I have the option of keeping both or selling one if necessary once I have got used to the 4 motion. I didnt pay too much for my vr6 a year ago and as I love it to bits and have now found a garage to rent that I can store it in, I dont think I will be able to bring myself to sell it. Thanks again Col
  7. HI Can i get some viewpoints from you guys please as Im rightly or wrongly considering selling my VR6 and purchasing a used Golf 4 motion. I have wanted one of these for some time now and they are now priced at a point that I would be prepared to pay. I know of a couple of people who have done this and first reactions were that the 4 motion was slower but overall, I would have thought that the driving experience should be better given the 6 speed lower ratio box, lower peak torque than vr, 4 wheel drive and the fact that it is 7 or so years newer? Am I making a big mistake here and should I stick with my Vr, or take the plunge and purchase the 4 motion without a great day of outlay. I would be looking to buy 3 door, with leather, only 2 owners max and ideally zenons also. Your comments either way please. Thanks
  8. Thanks for your replies. I will pick a new ford one up in that case. Any views on what symtoms I would suffer if this part is currently faulty? Regards
  9. Hi I have become aware that the item in the picture ( the black round thing) has become loose, so I would like to replace it. Can someone advise what the pipe is that incorporate the above black thing. What symptoms would be caused if the above is defective please. Any know how expensive or reeadily available the said part is. Thanks very much
  10. I had exactly same symptoms, changed coilpack and been fine since.
  11. Probably different thing in that case, mine was definately from the blower unit although the symptoms sound very similiar! Good luck tracking it down.
  12. Hi I had this a few months back. I bought a replacement blower unit of ebay which included the resistor, fitted it myself, take 15 mins and it sorted it. It sounds like you have the same problem from the symptoms that you have described. Col
  13. cmoth


    My post has disappeared?
  14. cmoth


    Right - from the outside, as if looking under the bonnet, the left side was the one that was released. Try the seat belt trick which appeared to work until I pushed down on the passenger side, and the bonnet shut completely! Sh1te I thought, so pulled the fuse box cover out the way , got a pair of pliers and tugged. The righthand side then opened but could I get the left side open again, no chance. Due to the light, cant see myself getting chance to have another look until next weekend, so I either wait as I dont need to use the car, or get it towed to the garage by recovery, to face more bills! Has anyone been able to release the nearside by any other way other than damaging the grill etc which is not an option?
  15. cmoth


    Thought I would replace the CAM sensor today, removed the coilpack no problem, went to remove the plastic covers and realised I didnt have the right tool, as it does not look like this things have ever been removed before due to the rust on the bolts / nuts etc. Anyway, went to shut bonnet as thought I would pop out and buy the Star tools that I needed, and the bonnet got stuck! - It was closed on one side and ajar on the other, like when you pop the bonnet. So I pulled the bonnet leaver out again, nothing happened, pulled a bit harder and it snapped! This did happen on my previous corrado a good few years back and the garage managed to get it open. Problem I have is that as the coilpack has been removed, I cannot drive the car, or open the bonnet , so will have to get breakdown people over in the morning to toe the car back to the garage unless anyone knows how to get the bonnet open again and its fairly straight forward? Not had a good week with my Rado what with the exhaust etc which I pleased to report is now fine. Thoughts? Col
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