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  1. I agree, Huge own goal there by MonkeyVR6, doesn't fill me with confidence knowing that even Officers with Corrado's can have such a pathetic attitude I remember I was driving up a hill once when the VR started missing, Coil pack was on its way out so lost two cylinders at the time, had to floor it to get anything out of it at all, was going up the hill at a steady 15mph but making a bit of induction roar doing so, Copper jumped out in front of me and waved me to slow down :brickwall: Any slower and I would've gone backwards
  2. Right pain to source the MS, i had to get one a while back but didnt end up needing it. So i have it spare and its in the for sale section, second hand but good working order, 40 quid posted, let me know
  3. Thanks for the reply, Doesn't sound too bad then, I'll put the OE pulley back on then and just set all the points up until I'm happy Always been scared of timing, hate it when this kind of stuff happens
  4. Right I'm confused I fitted my OE cams a few days a go, all went well, found tdc, locked the cams with the tool, put tipex on the crank pully (as its a Neuspeed on so has no timing mark) and pit a tiny nip with a chisel on to the chain links and cam sprocket teeth. Took the 263's out, swopped the sprockets, put them back in with the chain on the right teeth, locked them with the tool, checked and crank pulley hadn't moved. Now the bad bit, I turned it over twice by hand and stopped on the crank tipex marks, slid the cam locking tool in no problem, checked the chain marks against the teeth and they've moved..... Is this normal? If it's slipped does it actually matter as long as the cams lock and the crank pullies on it's TDC mark? chain feels tight etc. I stupidly turned it over by hand with the top tensioner out so the chain could've jumped a tooth or 2 but I don't understand why the Crank and cam locking tool are still spot on if this is the case Should I be worried?
  5. bananawhip

    vr6 cams

    263's will give you......A massive smile on your face 268's will give you......A bigger hole in your pocket
  6. My V6 4motion Bora has an R32 conversion and came standard other then LCR Brembo's I paid about £1500 above book price for it, More work involved putting one in a C so I think you could put 2-2.5k on top when you sell it. All depends on finding somebody who appreciates the cost and work involved
  7. I'm debating selling mine Mint 53 plate VW Bora 4motion with main dealer R32 engine conversion, 79k on the clock Fully loaded with every extra possible, Plus a few other bits like Heated leather Recaros, R32 steering wheel, 343mm Alcon brakes, 18" RS4 reps, Eibach suspension, JVC tv headunit, LCR splitter etc Powerwise it's sitting at about 270bhp, its got a Carbon Fibre Simota induction kit, gasflowed TB, and AMD map to aid this. It is a perfect conversion, already a rare car made even rarer, handles better then a Golf R32 due to the stiffer chassis (Read Evo's long term R32 review where they comment the R32 would be better as a Bora) Its a bit lighter believe it or not, more capable and cheaper then an R32 Golf, just a very cool sleeper that goes like a stabbed rat. I love it but after 10 years of VW ownership I'm tempted to try something else, 50/50 on selling it. PM me if you're at all interested.
  8. If it helps I have a VR6 Master cylinder I bought but never ended up needing, good working condition Bought for £50, Let it go for say £40 delivered
  9. Thanks Kev, yeah it feels a fair bit stiffer then R32 Golf's I've driven, very happy with it, do get some funny looks when I'm chucking it about though, think most people think I'm a Vicar late for a service or something. Your right about the front end, a bit like Marmite, that's why I put on the rediculous brakes to draw attention away from it :)
  10. bora.jpg[/attachment:1cwzpo1n] Bad picture but this is what has taken all my time and money recently Still keeping the Corrado but enjoying owning this, Bora R32, 270bhp, 4wd, 343mm Alcon brakes, with all the extras My friends even bought me a pipe to keep in the glove box :)
  11. A friend of mine has one around that year and it's pretty uninspiring. It has a very boring power delivery so much so that we've nicknamed it the Ghost Car, it's pushing 265bhp but makes no sound doing so and leaves you feeling virtually no emotions whatsoever, not really my cup of tea
  12. :brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall: No 4wd, No V6 = :epicfail: Get more and more alienated with VW with every decision they seem to make recently
  13. Not the end of the world if you need spacers so I wouldn't worry, sure you'll be fine, only time I've ever needed spacers is fitting 9j Borbets which are obviously a bit of a crazy design And yes the other VW stuff quoted will be 57.1
  14. Lovely wheels, As they're are being sold by a wheel shop and it says in the advert they fit VW stuff I'm sure you'll be fine If not the centre bore can be machined out cheap enough and then get them to cover it for getting it wrong
  15. No difference in caliper at all, exactly the same part, it's even the same caliper VW use for their 312mm set-up except that one has different carriers. What you've got is fine just get the discs and hoses
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