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  1. Ok ill go first, found these on various forums
  2. I was thinking of going this summer too, although i dont have a rado (yet) i should do in the next few months !! ill speak to some mates and if any other guys from the forum and driving from scotland your welcome to give me a shout
  3. found this a few minutes ago so have a look if your bored, his vr6 sounds evil!! also check out http://www.oichan.org theres vids of his corrado vr6 which is one of the nicest ive seen (engine bay is gorgeous) also him trying to keep up with a ferrari i think u may need realplayer for this one http://www.oichan.org/video/corrado_oichan.wmv
  4. i thought it was a great episode, the only thing on tv worth watching really. i genuinely believe the part with the rednecks wasnt staged and it was pretty scary. im glad i live in a country where things like that dont happen and people wouldnt take man-love rules or hilary for president literally. does anyone know if they made this episode before hammonds crash? or after?
  5. Im 21, yeh i suppose your right i would rather buy the car with my own money and know its mine....the good thing is im 22 in june so hopefully that will decrease the insurance quote a little. ill just need to learn to have patience, save up for the car and cover most of the insurance so i can pay that off at the same time lol by the way if it was a few years back i would probably take the loan through temptation, buy the car and no-one would of insured me
  6. hi, im in the need of some advice. Basically after i sold my mk2 golf gti instead of using the money to put towards a corrado vr6 i stupidly went on holiday lol, and now have no car but that doesnt really bother me as walking to work is good for you apparently So ive got a full time job and just finished paying of credit cards etc and i was thinking about taking out a £4 or £5k loan so i can buy a vr6, would it be worth going into debt for a 12-15 year old car?? or should i just save up for about 6 months or so (which should take into the summer where car prices go up slightly) and until i can afford one? not sure if a loan is worth it for a older car anyone had the same dilemma?
  7. hope its not a repost... http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea ... 1715008083
  8. what kind of mpg are you getting after it got charged?
  9. nah autos are gay. just noticed your from scotland aswel, are you on scottishvag? ps does the storm come with leather?
  10. see i told u ive heard alot of things and probably alot are not true, thanks for pointing that out
  11. hi new to the forum and within the next few months im hoping to buy a corrado vr6, ive heard many good things but some of them may not be true so i thought here would be the best place... ive been into the dubscene for a few years now, owned a polo 16v, mk5 golf diesel and a mk2 gti 8v ok ive never driven a vr6 (only a few runs in a 16v) but i love the styling of any corrado, the vr6 is what im after . how are they to live with? i.e running costs, performance (does it feel quick or just a big cruiser), realiability etc. also i heard about the karmann ghia gearbox, apparantly u can change gear without clutch?? was that a option or standard. thanks
  12. thats true, its more to do with the fact i NEED a vr6 in my life so with the golf being cheaper i could regret it every time i see a corrado.....
  13. Hey just joined, ive just sold my mk2 golf gti and im looking to get a vr6! Just a few questions regarding the mk3 golf and corrado vr6 because i cant make my mind up which is better. Im looking to spend around £2500-£3000, obviously the rado is faster but how do they compare on a track, interior, mpg etc? and it seems the golf is fairly cheaper to purchase and running costs... Any info would be appreciated
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