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  1. Definitely worth fixing!!! Do you not have any mates who can weld? putting a few patches on the underside shouldn't be too difficult (assuming they remain relatively small holes an you dont end up poking a 10x10" square lol) A few hours of welding, then take the time to give the rest of the underside a thorough going over and apply new underseal. Then hopefully you have caught it just in time and you won't have any issues in the future
  2. Cheers mate, I did have the lips in a bright yellow colour to start with but that was too much. Then I toned it down a bit with the "antique gold" colour that isn't too bright. The gold ties in better with the orange indicators. A dark gold/bronze shade on the centres with polished lips would be my preferred finish but black & silver BBS do look awesome!!
  3. No updates for ages as the car as been 4th choice car in the fleet as I bought a BMW 5series originally as a quick flipper but actually quite like it. Anyhow, today the VR6 passed it's MOT, a few advisories but nothing a £100 an a few hours of my time can't sort. Next decision, sell it, track it, daily it, we shall see. Gratuitous picture after the MOT, dodgy parking I know an a couple of other randoms
  4. The Octavia does seem to be a good suggestion, even a 150hp 20VT non VRS one is good shout as you avoid the vrs (IMO) gash interior. Have you considered a Pug 306 HDI? Those things are like cockroaches & practically indestructible whilst actually being good handling cars and if you get a Meridian spec you get half leather/air con etc.
  5. Your Corrado will certainly appreciate the underside refresh. Money well spent in my opinion.
  6. I've been in Swindon three times in the last few weeks, twice in the Burgundy VR6 and once in the noisy blue VR6 and only spotted one other Corrado. A grey VR6 on a K plate which I followed toward Cirencester- very nice, went well heading up to Agri colledge. Also spotted there are a couple of green Corrados in Stroud at the moment, one lowered VR6 on Speedlines and one is standard height 16v
  7. I haven't updated this in ages, the car is still in bits but is getting closer to seeing the road again. The list of jobs to do now is: - cam belt & waterpump - charger belt (extra wide OCD item) - obtain new rocker cover bolts - fit new brake reservoir - refit rear suspension - refit the front wiper mechanism - get the lips on the BBS RZ 15x7 rims which I want to run diamond cut and fit 195/50 Yoko AD08s only recent(ish) pictures were halfway through finishing the rear underside note the back axle is in red oxide and is now gloss black as it's my "test" fit axle. I have a complete built axle which will be swapped at a later date. inside rear arches painted to. Then I think* it is good to go to a mates garage where we will make all new brake lines to join up to the Goodridge hoses and Audi S2 twin pot caliper set up I've got. After which it's MOT and hopefully my summer car! The VR6 is still going fine, I think once the yellow one is on the road I may start converting the VR6 to a track car or flog it.
  8. had both Corrados together today
  9. In typical fashion everyday since I had the car cleaned it has rained and been overcast. Either way here is a picture of how it currently stands
  10. Those Swansea chaps, you may well spot me an my brother in either a burgundy or aqua blue VR6 around Xmas as we will be visiting our Mother in the Mumbles.
  11. Possibly worth looking at more of a hybrid bike then which could have some marginally wider tyres fitted, slightly more durable components and still be more of a whippet on road than a full on mountain bike eg this Voodoo (also at Halfords) http://www.halfords.com/cycling/bikes/hybrid-bikes-and-classic-bikes/voodoo-marasa-hybrid-bike-2013-2014-18
  12. Quick update. 2,000 miles since it's major work and no dramas to report. I've ended up biting the bullet and replacing all the thermostat housing, crack pipe & joiner and all temp sensors as no matter what I tried I just couldn't stop the small coolant leak that's been testing me!! Aside from that new ECU & fuel pump relays an a new indicator stalk resolved all sorts of strange electrical gremlins. It was rather strange to find that when the indicator stalk main beam/full beam stalk plays up you end up with only side lights - which as we know are not a Corrado strong point. Finally set about giving it a dam good pre Xmas clean. Sadly we ran out of light to take full car shots showing the results of several hours with a MOP. just a teaser for now, I'm really quite amazed how many of the scratches and swirls have been removed. The only draw back is the dings show up even more. from this: horrible dull scratched paint (note the bumper is next on the agenda as it's beyond saving) to much deeped glossier paint that in low light in looks blacker than before and in sunlight far more purple. but then RAIN, which led to this: Gave the interior a freshen up to, Should just require a quick wipe down an dry at the weekend which ought to allow me to get some better pictures. The transformation since last year is quite pleasing given the relatively meager budget.
  13. spotted a M plate burgundy or dark red heading into Nailsworth on Friday
  14. Sadly that's it, i ended up replacing the copper pipes from the ABS module plus the flexi sections needed replacing anyway as the new calipers are the banjo fitting type. All this work makes me think this car will be sticking around for a while.
  15. a slightly ropey wheel as the lips were painted yellow which has now been stripped off. Have to say the 288mm and fresh fluid has been a fantastic upgrade since I had the parts spare after doing a 312mm on my Bro's
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