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  1. Forgot to mention the location sorry - Crediton, Devon, 12m NW of Exeter.
  2. Not been on the forum in many years so I appear to have been demoted to noob. The time has come for me to accept that I'm never going to get my beloved Corrado back on the road, so I am offering it for free to someone who may be able to save it. Its a 16V which was converted to a 1Z 90hp TDI, and it ran like this for a year or so (back in 2007), until various running gear issues caused it to be parked, and it hasn't moved since 😔 Most of the running gear is present, in the boot. There's no interior to speak of as this was donated to save another one when I had track car plans. I do have a bunch of spare parts and panels for it, including a Spoonfed rear spoiler which was never fitted, and a 110hp TDI engine. It'll need to be winched on to a flatbed. I'm not breaking it as that would break my heart, although I accept that by now it may be beyond salvation. Take the whole thing, and at least tell me you'll save it. MJ
  3. mikkijayne


    Fish oil is an urban legend - its actually based on light mineral oil plus a bunch of other stuff. Oh, and... :D
  4. Did you swap the transponder box to match the OBD2 ecu?
  5. All my 16Vs have been 90s, even the manual windows one.
  6. The heater box can be made to fit, but the pipework and wiring are different and the condenser is the wrong shape. Since the heater box is the rarest bit you can probably piece together the rest though. I have the mk3 heater box in mine, but never got round to fitting any of the rest of it.
  7. Exactly. They take the ****, we have to take it back.
  8. Let me know if you want these asap please, otherwise they're getting weighed in!
  9. Payment can be a pain because few german sellers seem to use paypal - they often want bank transfers which can be expensive. I've had a few things and never had a problem - just make sure they will ship to the UK and take paypal and you should be ok. Google translate can be helpful, although its not great with the technical stuff ;)
  10. £30 delivered :) P&P is most of that tbh, but they would only get weighed in otherwise. I'd prefer them to be put to some use ;)
  11. Pretty sure that exhaust cam trick only applies to American engines, as they had milder cams than Euro ones. Someone on Vortex did some measuring and discovered that the modded NA exhaust cam is virtually the same as the standard Euro inlet. Its not a simple swap either, as you need to reindex the chain sprocket for it to work, and given that ours is better anyway there is no point. Pic for inspiration: Getting ported and polished before going for a 3-angle valve job. At least you lot only have one head to do! I'm only a quarter of the way through here I had a 4:1 4-branch from a mk2 on my valver a few years ago and didn't like it much. It lost power below 4K, but went mad above that. Also it melted my shifter cables! I think 4:2:1 will be less peaky. There are usually loads of them on ebay - try searching for a mk3 one instead? Or just clean up the stock manifold a bit and port / gasket match it with the head.
  12. The MoT works on the age of the car, not the age of the engine. The car is later than 1992 so it has to meet the cat emissions test. You don't have a choice. You can put a newer engine in an older non-cat car and still not need a cat, but not the other way round unless you go through SVA, and trust me - you don't want to be doing a £400 type approval test just to get away with not fitting a cat ;)
  13. The ignition output certainly should be 12V, not 5. Where are you taking the supply from?
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