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  1. pmsl deffo not going to be an expert, its a mechanic doing it for me lol he is a very good mechanic and this is just boiling his brain. I phoned storm developments and they say the oil filled bolt that gives the best tension at the back of the head could be to blame. turns out this was the issue, no worries all built up and running now very sweetly. Great to have it back on the road again cant beat that noise
  2. thanks very much i will try that one ;) hopefully get it sorted soon.
  3. Yeah thats what i thought, so i have ordered a new oil pump too to see if it cures it. fingers corssed this time
  4. I have replaced the chain and guides etc on my 2.9 vr6. Twice now the chain has lost tension and resulted in bent valves, why is this happening? I have checked everything and it all seems ok its just baffling me. I have even replaced the oil fed bolt that pushes into the top of the chain to give the tension. Can someone PLEASE help me. Thanks Jamie
  5. yeah thought they were deffo 5x130 god now u have me thinkin lol. its bound to say somewhere on the wheel isnt it
  6. so just inspect the chains guides then lol rather than going the whole hog and replacing them. There is no guide for doing the tappets :( how long should this take including stripping and building?
  7. ok I am going for new tappets from GSF tomorrow. What else should i be doing when i have the engine in bits to fit the tappets? eg do I do the chain tensioners? what all could I be doing here? ps its a 1995 vr6 with 98k on the clock Thanks Jamie
  8. I have rh zw1's 5x130 and they are not fitting on my H&R adapters, do I have to get the RH ones or is there any strange reason why they wouldnt be fitting. I have d90's at the min and they work on the H&R 5x130 adapters and i cant understand why the RH ZW1's wont work? can anyone help please Thanks
  9. thanks, here are some more pics from the photoshoot and a recent show in Bangor Northern Ireland where it won best interior ;) always nice to go away with a trophy lol
  10. very different but very nice ;) good call
  11. i agree they do look stupid on some cars., but as said they do look awesome on the right car, and i think my car is also the right car lol.
  12. im in Northern Ireland and a polish guy called Aric did the retrim he is based in Ballymena and works for carnoisseur. The retrim for door cards quarter panels, front and rear seats, gear knob and gaiter, and steering wheel (not fitted yet) was £1100 which I didnt think was too bad.
  13. decided to get the interior done too. I changed the stitch pattern from horizontal to vertical to make it more recaro looking. what you all think?
  14. yeah was for an irish mag called modified motors.
  15. think retro wheels do them mate
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