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  1. I've just had some glass taken out for bodywork on mine, he removed the rear screen & a rear quarter window. I removed all interior trim in the area first so that if anything was damaged it was my fault rather than his. He did the whole lot without damaging anything which obviously I was relieved about, previously thinking I might have to source some new parts. Saved me a small fortune. Even the rear windscreen seal came out fine and can be re-used. No damage caused whatsoever. Would highly recommend him, he is based in the Midlands. Nice guy - 07305 773060
  2. One with a private plate today presumably on its way to Stealth. Plate was a play on Corrado. I was in my dark blue mk3 VR6 coming away from Stealth down the bypass. Saw you at the last minute as I was busy checking when I could overtake! Think you were waving and I wasn’t ignoring you I was just fixated on what was in front of me, as usual
  3. Thanks guys, I'm modifying a mk3 one as I have the loom to go with it. Offered it in today just to see if it works & it does. Just got to tidy it up so it fits nicely in the dash & looks original now.
  4. Problem solved - no longer needed
  5. I know we’re not on the Passat forum but I’m after a B4 Passat ABS warning light if anyone has one lying around. I believe it needs the suffix AA or AB on the part code to work with teves 20.
  6. Sorted! The ecu was coded wrong. There are 2 codes for a mk3 Golf ecu and I didn’t realise until I bought the Bentley repair manual. Tried changing the code to the later version & then the faulty coded message was replaced with faulty rear right sensor. Was a brand new sensor it must’ve been faulty so I tried a known good one off my mk3 and the fault cleared. Just need the right warning light now unless I can modify a mk3 one to fit.
  7. Hmm, cleared it with a snap on diagnostic tool but it comes straight back. May be a call to Stealth tomorrow and see if they know what to do about it! No other error codes left now but abs warning light still on so presumably once this code is gone the light will go off.
  8. I bought some grommets off eBay in my search, they were listed for a Honda CG125 bike but the dimensions were close to the grille grommet so gave them a go. They fit in the holes pretty nicely & I got the grille tabs to sit in them after making a small cut in the grommet to make them slightly wider. Not a perfect fit but once the top clips are in the slam panel I'm happy with it. It cost about £2.50 for a bag of them from China so it's an option for anyone else who is a bit stuck. Only took just over a week for them to arrive as well.
  9. Anyone had an issue with ABS ECU after fitting? I'm getting error code 1044 ecu incorrectly coded. I've read what I can find online and it seems this is because the ecu will be coded for a different vehicle, in this case a mk3 Golf. I believe I need to find out what code to use for a Corrado VR6 and then see if I can get it changed to that.
  10. Wish I knew I needed them back then! There is one on there now but it looks rather chewed up and worse for wear and they want £15 for it. I reckon if I get the dimensions I'll be able to find one made for another purpose which will do the job.
  11. Maybe a long shot due to the type of material required but the grille into slam panel grommets? Part no 535 853 393 On putting mine back together I'm missing 2 and can't find them for love nor money
  12. No idea mate but you can probably work it out. I guess the system identification at the start of the thread might help. To a certain extent you could probably identify your parts compared with the teves 02 list ie does the servo have a sensor on it and is it a pin type fitting on the pedal, is there a bias valve on the rear axle and what does your abs pump look like. I don't know what your abs sensors look like but search for mk3 sensors and check yours look similar, they could be a pain if they don't just fit like for like onto the g60 brake setup. As for the wiring I don't see why the fuse box would be wired any differently but the only way of knowing for sure would be to get a wiring diagram for a VR6 and a g60 side by side. If you have a Bentley manual that should be doable. The fuse box diagrams are quite easy to follow. Good luck!
  13. According to the parts list on the first page it looks like it does. I can't think why it wouldn't, my Passat loom connects to a mk3 Golf pump although I haven't switched the system on yet to test it. I couldn't find a Golf loom easily and I kicked myself at the time because I dismantled a mk3 Golf a few years ago, kept the ABS pump and a few other bits with this job in mind but sold the wiring looms! D'oh. I think I convinced myself I needed a Passat loom for some reason, I probably confused myself with the ABS light loom as the one I got is from a Passat as well as the warning light. Seems to be coming along nicely now anyway, I've taken the opportunity to do loads of other work while I'm about it so it's taking a long time but really pleased with what I've done so far. Making the brake pipes next. I'll be glad when that job is done.
  14. Excellent. Thanks for that. Well if the way I've done it doesn't work I can always fix it when everything is back in that one connector isn't so hard to reach. Because of the rarity of Passats breaking in the U.K. I had to get a LHD loom. All fine except fuse box connectors were all far too short so lots of cutting & soldering from my old loom to get them to reach across the other side of the car 😂
  15. I'll take take a pair please if you have one left? Took my dash out last weekend and thought mine were fine. Found out one is stuck on with blu tac 😂
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