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  1. I used a moon roof from a polo. at least I think that it was a polo. I found that the moonroof from a passat doesn't sit right. the one that i got was raised in the middle.
  2. g werks is the place to go dude. just had my g-lader serviced there and the service was fekkn brilliant. they gave me lots of advice when asked. they even put an easter egg in with my shiny seviced g-monster. v nice touch :D
  3. i have just replaced my sun roof with a moon roof from a 'L' reg passat after bugger the mechanism on my original one. I can't seem to get the seal to sit without a gap and i can't get it to sit flush with the roof. any tips? would a new seal do for the gap problem? (the original one is a bit mouldy so i will be changing it any way) taking it all to bits was easy enough tho. fun too :lol:
  4. cheers shippers :D did that and it was fuse 14. i must be going senial as i am sure that i checked my fuses (allthough, it was only a cursory glance. never pulled any) and thanx to all that have given me advice. bit of a daft thing to be stuck on but you have all made my life that little cooler now that i can open my windows without having to open my doors first... :D
  5. tried the button and that is exactly what it does. where was your broken wire? :?
  6. chhers m8y will try that. however, both doors have the same problem and they went at the same time. could the wiring on both doors go at the same time?
  7. haven't had the car for that long and am still tring to work out al the other little niggles. the windows did work when i first got the car, but now they only work when the door is open. has anyone had a similar problem. anyone got any suggestions please? :?
  8. my god! that is one fine lookn bay. is there a thread to say how its done and what sort of price range is it in...
  9. just got my corrado back. hoorah. the garage did a co2 check on my cooling system and he said that came back clear so the chances of my gasket been busted is slim to none. been running fine so far. hope it lasts (until pompey at least) :D
  10. that thing is massive. i'm quite new to the whole intercooler thing and i've got a standard one fitted. how will a cooler that size benifit the engine? what if you wanted to fit an oil cooler? where would that go? could you put it (the oil cooler) where the the old intercooler was? and how would that intercooler affect the cooling from the radiator?
  11. cheers for all the info ppl and for that thread pickard1. will crack on with the thermostat (and possibly the water pump) when i get my corrado back, hopefully with not too much damage to the main block (along with my wallet). till the moro yours aye, phatjack :)
  12. the alternator didn't make any noise whatsoever. had the car since the 2nd of feb and it has been charging just fine. will try and change the thermostat, but could anyone tell me where its at? i tried to get my hands on a haynes manual but could not find one. there was a definite beeping sound when the oil warning light came on. how long would i have before lack of oil/coolant would damage the head gasket :(
  13. i have recently bought a corrado g60. it has oil temps of between 108 and 126. is this normal? today my alternator siezed and the belt snapped. apart frm the obvious, (no boost, or battery charging) the oil warning light came on and i lost a lot of coolant due to overheating. what sort of problems could i be looking at with regards to the engine? sorry if the Q's sound stupid but i have very little experience of this sort of thing. yours aye, phatjack :oops:
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