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  1. Cheers guys. I just can't carry on like this. Going from one thing to the next. I haven't driven it in 8 months. I'm just throwing money at it left right and center and it just seems to get worse. And it doesn't help that it looks like sh!t and I'm desperately unhappy with the job I've done. I've just got no enthusiasm for it any more. The best thing I can think of is to break it and maybe buy another one. Or take up stamp collecting. Anyway, charger is in parts for sale if anyone is interested. :(
  2. It's dead. Sorry guys but I've come to the conclusion that I'm just gonna have to let go of this car. I can't take any more of this. I'm really unhappy with the job I've done. Basically since splitting up with my girlfriend I've not had any real time to spend on it and I've just had to throw it together and it's rubbish. Got onto the MOT bay and it just spontaneously started dumping fuel everywhere before the tester even started. I'm not allowed to work on it at work because they've changed the rules about private jobs being carried out on company premises. So I've got nowhere to work on it and there's just no end in sight. And I'm not bloody paying anyone to work on it. I'm not spending another penny on it. Sorry.
  3. I'm scared. :shaking: I really want it to pass but I just know there's gonna be some big thing that's wrong. I think it was a bad idea to get work to do it after all. I'll be able to see it on the ramp from my desk as we have big windows into the workshop.
  4. Awesome race. Go Massa! :D Was heartwarming to hear Hamilton blaming everyone else at the end of the race. :roll:
  5. don't read the post then and get up earlier in future. :lol: Really enjoyed that. gotta love a bit of rain. You b*stard! Now I know that it rained! :bad-words: :lol: Trust me, getting up earlier is never an option for me. :sleeping:
  6. I haven't, just that it is worth watching.. :) I know, but I just thought I'd say that before anyone else comes on here and does. :nono: :lol:
  7. What if it doesn't pass? I'm feeling insecure today. I'm thinking of all the things that might cause it to fail. Just think though. If it passes it'll be at the AGM next week after all. :D
  8. I haven't watched it yet. Don't give anything away!
  9. Oh yeah, send me your number. I ran over my phone today. Long story. :lol:
  10. Hey Pat, I was in work today just to work on my car as I had a "day off" today. Saw I had an email from you. I'll reply tomorrow. :D
  11. The thing is we haven't sold a single golf r. Everyone who has placed an order with us has just walked through the door and said "can I have a golf r please". And as I've said on here before I've sold loaded regular gtis for more than it would cost to buy a standard r. VW know there are more than enough people to fill the order books and that they could probably charge whatever they want. As coullstar says though lets see how much the new s3 is....
  12. Yeah, there is the "small" matter of the price! :lol:
  13. The r32 has a 250ps v6 and the r has a 270ps four cylinder tsi engine. That's the main difference I guess. :D
  14. Course I have mate. You're gonna love it! You'll soon forget about the lack of v6 noise.
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