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  1. Its not what you say that usually offends its how you say it ....... I'm sure if the OP had been turned down with respect and treated the way that most want to be treated then this thread would not even be here. I do think its poor form to judge someone by their grammer (:shades:) though. I think the OP has consequently reacted in a mature and positive way which I think he deserves respect for ...... unpunctuated or not !!
  2. Rado perfection for me (standard) ..... reminds me of my old car :thumb right: How many miles has it done ? looks mint.
  3. ..... this could turn into a far more interesting thread ...... I can only think of two uses :scratch:, care to expand :norty: !!!???
  4. I wouldn't worry mate, these things always seem worse straight after the event. In the next couple of days it will blow over and you both will have forgotten about it by the weekend.
  5. I like the rear end like Billcor's ..... thats how mine used to be - keep them guessing !!
  6. I didn't get that at first :bonk: ...... but I see what you mean now :D In that case bugger the BM, I rekon one of these is worth a look ......
  7. Z4 coupe is nice if you're into the pooing dog look :D On a similar note I used to love the - slightly less pooing dog - Z3 M Coupe .....
  8. Ok mate ..... here's my sales thread and he gave me what I asked CLICK HERE If he's done all the points outlined in the post plus new pads and discs' its a 3.5K corrado all day long.
  9. Edd I'm taking a guess that perhaps you tried to PM me about my old car ?? If you have tried I haven't recieved it yet :shrug: If you havent ignore me.
  10. Are you asking why I sold it for less ? EDIT : ok I get why you ?? ..... I thought you were the OP, but your not its Edd :bonk:
  11. Thats my old car, I sold it to the guy about 4 months ago for a lot less. PM me James if you want details.
  12. I know that many of us 'older' folk on here might sound like the usual anti-Max Power Brigade, but in all honesty I really think the Corrado shape just doesn't suit any aftermarket styling what so ever. I personally prefer 80's-90's cars as standard as possible these days, but I can appreciate some can indeed be enhanced by some more modern parts here and there ...... but I really think the Corrado is not one of them. I have never seen a Corrado that looks good with any body kit. Just me 2p, but please don't do it !!!
  13. Thats brilliant ..... I bet its one of those things that they make look really easy but in actual fact one wrong move and you break your neck !!
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