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  1. Thanks mate, car still looks great. Gold wrap in the engine bay looks great against the blue. Also dig the front with the eyebrow and grill. Must be pretty rapid now too! Stoked it’s being looked after.
  2. Funny as when I had it I had no problems at all, in fact it’s the only car that’s never let me down... ok well it did destroy the old G60 but once the conversion was done it seemed fairly solid. I think the guy who bought it from me changed the block as it overheated. But I can’t be sure. Glad it’s gone to someone who’s more familiar with a spanner than me. How are the arches holding up? Have liners been fitted yet? Always worrried after I’d had the arches flared that they’d rust through without the liners. The guy who did the bulk of the conversion had a pretty immaculate mk2 golf with a VERY tidy 1.8t Bam conversion, looked pretty much factory fitted. I think he also did someone’s r32 conversion on here. The local vag specialists were always really keen for me to Revo it as they though the map was a bit manic. They uprated all the brakes after the conversion, I haven’t got a clue to what though. (Check the old build thread maybe) but I rarely used the car in anger so they seemed to haul up fine and were the best we could squeeze behind the bbs rms that were fitted. Look forward to seeing it when you get a chance ;)
  3. Wow man sounds great, so glad it’s lived on. Ko4 was always my intention but I couldn’t keep focussed on 1 part of that car so nothing ever got finished properly or didn’t have enough time spent getting it right. It was a pretty erratic car to drive when I had it and never felt all that fast tbh. I think the guys that did the conversion ran outta time a bit, I was always supposed to go back and have them adjust the map and finish a few things. I’d love to take a look one day if you’re ever near Dorset. Failing that get a build thread up on here so everyone can take a look, sure plenty of people would wanna take a look at a proper 20vt conversion!
  4. Hi, Long time since I last owned a corrado but ever since I sold it I've had lots of spare time (time used to be spent fixing the bloody car) So, heres some funky breaks I've been making. All support is massively appreciated. I've got an EP coming out next month and need to get myself out there. PLEASE PLEASE like/ share etc. Thanks Alex :) https://www.facebook.com/monstafunk
  5. Oh and it had a front plate fitted when i saw it too, please tell me he didn't drill the front bumper?!!
  6. Awesome buddy, really glad it's still alive. The gears were way too short, rapid off the mark if you learn to get the power down. The sunroof was a pain in the ass to do, sealed (or not) with heaps of silicone. I saw it with the team dynamics on and must admit I'm not a fan but if your happy then alls cool. The brakes were all up rated after the engine conversion but only to what would fit behind 15 inch wheels. How are the arches holding up? The liners were removed when they were flared and I used to spend ages every week clearing them out. What engines in there now? The guy who bought it replaced it I think? Any chance of some pics?
  7. Ha, can't blame you dude. That was kinda the point of the plate!
  8. Being broken on here? It's ok, I can take it!
  9. I can! Date of Liability 01 01 2014 Date of First Registration 16 03 1992 Year of Manufacture 1992 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1781cc CO₂ Emissions Not Available Fuel Type PETROL Export Marker N Vehicle Status Licence Not Due Vehicle Colour BLUE Vehicle Type Approval Not Available Vehicle Excise Duty rate for vehicle 6 Months Rate £123.75 12 Months Rate £225.00
  10. I'm hunting for my old car. http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=36750&page=6 Blue,20vt, flared arches, us front bumper. Plate reads g6 ogb or g60 gb if the new owners naughty. If it turns up and I end up buying it then the finder gets £50 and a hug. Would love to know what it's like now. And if by magic the owners on here, what's your price?!
  11. I want this car back! £50 reward if you can find it and it's in good nick!
  12. Yep exactly, it looked good before I sold it, don't get me wrong I loved this car. But I would have spent my cash very differently if I was to do it again. Oem bodywork, 16x8.5 bbs rs, slight stretch on tyres and a drop. Probably would have done a turbo vr6 conversion instead too. 20vt sound awful! New owner of this has been busy with it, I haven't seen any pictures but he's sorting out the bits that I didn't get round to or that I didn't do a very good job on! I think the engine is shagged and is in the process of being replaced. As for the mini its probably the only car I've driven thats dare I say it more fun than the rado. Not as quick and maybe not as much information fed through the steering wheel but it grips like crazy. Plus its got a supercharger that doesn't want to tear itself into small pieces every 500 miles. And finally for anyone whos interested, heres how I made (bodged) an early style badgeless grill. The one I made looked fine from 20 foot away but was a bit wonky. I was going to make a better one when I had the time. http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?2608954
  13. Fraid this is long gone now. Keep coming back to the forum to nose at some of the projects I was following. I wrecked this car, the best it looked was with the rm's and standard front bumper. Could have saved myself so much cash and aggro. I'd probably still have it now! Still I've had an s3 since which I hated and now have a cooper S which is a right laugh. Must admit I've been looking for a vr6t recently though. So far as the conversion goes give South West in Car Tech (S.W.I.C.T) in bristol. They really know what they're doing without taking the piss with the price.
  14. Literally just had my mot failure sheet handed to me when someone in a 7series pulled up and started asking if it was for sale, if I would swap etc. Still didn't make up for the shitty test though.
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