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  1. Same pressure apply for 205/40 17's?
  2. I had exactly the same prob last week, check the wiring down at the starter motor, mine had sheared off the crimped terminal with wear an tear, maybe check the battery has a charge in it too, as mine wasnt getting a charge due to the dodgy wire
  3. Doubt you'd get under 7secs with a 25 extra brake tbh, might be wrong though
  4. My G60 failed with no PAS belt
  5. I noticed the mk2 valver is still 5 star as is the R5GTT and 205 GTi. Hmmm
  6. Is it not ET35? I know its 4 x 100 though
  7. It was a cheeky sales pitch and probably too far to travel. The said (ins group 17 - ie the lowest) is . Ins Grp 17????
  8. What difference doing this would it make to the engine?
  9. quicky1980 Rack arrived very quickly as advised. Top Seller. Thanks
  10. The lever you pull to open the bonnet inside.... Make sure it's fully back - towards the bulkhead
  11. Is the bonnet release catch fully home? I had the same prob on mine
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