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  1. Long shot does anyone know if he is still trading MF owes me money from 2011
  2. nas

    2.1 20vg60

    Thanks for the reply
  3. nas

    2.1 20vg60

    No one has a 20vg60?
  4. nas

    2.1 20vg60

    As title says been offerd a brand new aeb crate engine bottom end forged with mahle 83.mm power pack pistons top end CNC'd with +1mm in out supertech valves and 3658 cat cams and tooth belt set up my question is can this engine using a g65 supercharger produce 350 bhp? Thanks for your imput Nas
  5. I will have a silver g60 corrado minus charger location Brighton
  6. Intrested in charger and lsd rear mk4 calipers how much ?
  7. I'd be Intrested in the charger and jabba induction kit please how much ?
  8. Mobile number and are you on WhatsApp buddy ?
  9. The black one still has mot till 7th July
  10. Hi I have 2 g60 shells for sale silver g60 j reg has no engine or gearbox ecu and loom everything else is there looking to get £650. 2nd g60 black h reg has everything apart from engine gearbox ecu loom pedal box exhaust looking to get £350 Located Crawley 07746464331 Please call in the evening thank you
  11. Thanks will check that but there is no green corrosion on terminal or starter motor I might just buy a second hand starter motor to eliminate the problem My understanding is all 02a starter motors are the same? Thanks
  12. Checked earth cables all wires intact tap the starter motor but still nothing
  13. Hi guys as title says Bought this corrado last year been driving it as a daily but as of yesterday nothing When I bought it it had a push start to start car up so ignition on push start I've undone the steering cowling checked wires all good checked the push start button got power going to it so I thought I would check the starter motor got a cable from jumped it from positive from battery to positive of starter motor but nothing am I right in saying starter motor is dead? Any help much appreciated Thanks
  14. What's the condition like I'm thinking of buying another to put a pd lump in
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