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  1. ok finally done went with the Parada´s in the end. Look good, grip like newborn on a boob, and no rubbing Coolio. Thats me sorted I think
  2. ok, pirrellis it is and hope they work. Not going to roll arches as prefer look without. Just no off roading and I'll be fine
  3. Hello all I have audi TT rims (17) on my vr6 when I bought it, the rear tyres were Toyo Proxes. Size 205 40 17. The stretch was obvious Now I changed them to another brand (cheapo rubbish) same size etc and now under strong rear suspension compresion they just touch the arch. I am going to buy all new tyres this week and want to get the Yokohama Parada Spec 2 I was wondering if anyone has experience with the stretch on these as I don't want the rubbing again Thanks for any info Dic
  4. HI Daft question. I have a mk3 golf with broken rear suspension, that I am pulling the engine out of in about 6 weeks I also have some old vr6 corrado rear suspension units lying about. I need to use the golf for about 6 weeks or so as a run about Can I throw the corrado bits on the golf without any issues ? Thanks for info Dic
  5. AlgarveVR6


    it sis pig to do When my wifes corrado needing doing, the pro's needed 3 attempts to get it right I had to buy the rubbers etc, and then they ppaid me back., Git to do.
  6. no, they are not laquered. Used a special alloy paint that I got here. unless you look closely they don't appear to be painted at all. I Liked them better than I thought I would too Bonus
  7. Finally nearing how I want it. New rubber, rims and coillies
  8. ok. normality has been restored. Brain now at higher function level. Joe, you were right. Missing the bearing from the top of the old unit. ho hum...... Does anyone else suffer the drivers side wheel pulling in after lowering. Almost like the whole hub has been pulled in. I understand it's to do with the steering geometry. I know its gonna need an alignment, but I remember my wifes old 16v did the same when we lowered that. Thoughts ??
  9. donut shaped bearing. Is this on the old leg ? still confused. (Bloody hell I'm thick today. Must have been the vino last night, or was it the beer)
  10. still confused, but many thanks It's the centre of the strutt that comes thru. with the nut on it. The cone ontop of the springs stays below, as does the rubber bush I'm missing something, but cant think what. unit should be in ascending order ?? leg springs cone ontop of the springs nut ? rubber bush cap nut is that right ? Thanks for all the help again
  11. OK. Installing coilovers. Thunderstorm started mid flow, but not before fitting first one, and lowering off the jack. Middle of new suspension unit cames straight thru the bush at the top. What have I done ?? Missed something. Part missing, being a muppet Thoughts and comments appreciated, and I'll take all the idiot gags, so long as I can sort it. Thank you peoples Dic (Yes, do that one as well if it makes you feel better)
  12. ooooooooooo, mine are gonna be so gold thanks for the pics, having improper thoughts about gold wheels now
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