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  1. Ah you broked it mate, Better give it to me! :D
  2. over £10k now! Ebay people love a comedy auction and will bid silly money to win whatever it is.
  3. The one on the back says "Supercharged" not Supercharger if you're looking for the OEM one?
  4. Hi all, I got told recently that my old C reg plate is worth £250! I don't believe it, but I was wondering if anyone was interested in it? I'd prob be happy to let it go for £100 if it had some kind of special meaning to someone! :D Jon.
  5. I'm pretty sure you can download a lego assembly program and build lego on your computer (can download the bricks too!). Maybe give it a try?
  6. Otherwise, Mk2 golf ones should fit?
  7. Ah sorry, I thought you were asking them to design something for you from scratch, but if you've given them CAD then that's exactly what they do :D I would have thought getting stuff RP'd on bulk would be quite expensive - how about protomold? RP is really for stuff that is one-off or can't be made in any other manufacturing process.
  8. @VR6Pete, shapeways is a community of different artists/designers who create things to sell on that website - it's not actually a company who can produce stuff when approached by people. I'd be happy to do the CAD and then put it up on SW for all to purchase if I had one to copy. What kind of torque requirement is there on a wheel cap?
  9. buy the rads for the house - much better investment than any bike or vehicle plus it keeps your missus happy (if you have one) which is just less hassle all round!
  10. An intake for £560. Wow. I cannot believe I missed that one. :-|
  11. Realistically, you've increased the cc from 2.9 to 3.0 - ~3.5% capacity increase. It would be fair to expect the same increase in power and torque, everything else being the same which equates to about another 6hp. So not even through the 200hp barrier really unless you have a good base engine.
  12. As Kevin said, the 12v VR6 is a very old engine design.
  13. Is it me or is your exhaust manifold really square? looks like a great build.
  14. which immob do you have? I still have the TOAD immob fob for my Corrado so if yours is the same I could send it to you. I warn you though, pressing the button plays havoc with radio controlled front door bells! :D ---------- Post added at 10:05 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:03 AM ---------- other thing you could try is drilling a new hole to put it onto keyring. I'd crack it open first thought and make sure you don't drill through the chip.
  15. mk2 sold on friday, and picked up a bone stock mk3 16v on thursday. The wife loves it and as she's going to be commuting in it that MUST earn me some points! Sold: Bought:
  16. bah! barely run in! if it had 180k on i'd be more impressed :D
  17. you're going to have to set your standards a lot lower for a pair of early wings buddy. They're like hens teeth in good condition.
  18. perhaps they're uprated? try a google for uprated clutch bolts.
  19. ha ha good work! i am quite tempted at getting a 2l 8v - seems to be the only model that hasn't been thrashed to death.
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