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  1. As it's been 10 years since the last time I installed a discobar in a car, I forgot which amp comes first, connected straight with 80A glass fuse from batterie... The monoblock for the woofer, or the 4 way for front and rear 3 way speakers? BTW, all Kicker
  2. hi there, looking to add 2 8cm LED strips to interior lights, as no radiator backlight, radio and only 2/3 dashlamps for now (new wiring put in, not all connected up yet) both came with usual red & black cables, and tape ready on backside... where is easiest to connect them onto? cigarette-lighter cables splitting? they are connected, or somewhere better anyone? Thanks guys, very difficult car for female mechanic VW Golf 2 & 3 (blush)
  3. Hello Corry lovers, Got a bit of a tech question I need advice on... My Corrado's wiring isn't what it used to be. Seems previous owner took the wires to connect the red, black, blue and yellow with to install a radio with out. Took a look at all the wiring and I simply do not have them anymore :( Can anyone give me an alternative way of connecting the power fiche from radio? Don't need the speaker fiche, as speakers will be connected to Kicker amp, and those I have put in cars regularly, so that's all cool. Only the power fich at back radio I can not connect the normal, usual way, due to missing wires in car dash... Anyone, please?????
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