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  1. I pop in now and again, as my brother's got a dark blue 16v (problems with roof condensation building at the mo above roof liner). Love the grey btw. My fave colour - just had to comment.
  2. Received it yesterday - bent it some more and popped it into the centre cap and all is well. Now all 4's match. No more nightmares now... well not until someone tries to 'av a go at thieving them in a car park etc. :-/
  3. Found Mazda one that might be the correct size... 55-60mm expanded, so should fit fingers crossed! :-P
  4. Cheers Sean, that's straightened that out :-) Guess I'm after a retainer ring-thing then... Hoping someone on here might have a spare...
  5. Hi there, back again, sold my VR a long time ago (still regret doing so - holding back the tears). My brother's got a 2 litre 16v one though and I've recently reconditioned some BBS wheels for it. All but one centre cap have their centre/tension rings, so I'm on the look out for a replacement ring. The ring is to fit a diameter of about 55mm. I'm sure they're 15" BBS RZ type wheels. Been looking on ebay but can't find anything close to what I'd like. Here's some pics... Thanks for looking.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOgQyIMX_XU I drove home this morning, thinking about this tune, and that episode of Top Gear - Goodbye V12's, goodbye V10's, V8... you get the idea... Signed the petition a long time ago - time to write to the MP's now...
  7. Still getting used to this new layout/look and feel etc. Think I'm getting old coz I get used to things too much now.
  8. Still mind blog-gling - dyslexic nightmare! Will keep watching this...
  9. Anyone's Ford Focus RS Mk1 would be nice. Just to see how it compares to the standard Mk1.
  10. Veearrhsix

    VW Badge idea?

    Take the colour of your car and make the badges a few shades darker - that's as far as I would go if pushed personally...
  11. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/Petrol ... 4.html?x=0 :mad: Still keeping your VR then? ...Just a thought. :roll:
  12. When it was kicking up the dust, I felt like saying get back on the tarmac - coz it didn't look right (being a Porsche an' all), then I forgot it's rallying :cuckoo:
  13. Happy Birthday to you etc Cheers you tinker you :tongue:
  14. 1). Since I was 2 years old, I've had 42 messy stitches going across my back, 2). When my forename and surname are said together very quickly, it sounds like a sneeze, 3). It's my birthday today.
  15. Let me just get this right - are winter tyres winter tyres coz they're softer in lower temps? Is that the crucial factor between these and summer ones :scratch:
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