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  1. I have a Black and Decker BDV012 jump start pack that i bought around 3-4 years ago - the battery doesnt want to charge and will only go up to the first light - anyone know of any tricks to revive it? T
  2. All the car is now gone - please lock. T
  3. right - mint bonnet will become a custom BBQ lid if hasnt been snapped up in the next week, away with work for 6 months at the end of the month. Bonnet and both bumpers are now free to a good home - please PM me if you would like to collect. Seats still for sale. Tim
  4. bonnet in really good condition for £50 collected from bath, both bumpers for £50 collected. Seats as previously advertised - need to move on so price drop to £350 collected.
  5. I have one - £40 posted? Tim PM me if you are keen
  6. Location: Bath Price: 600.00 GBP Date added to Classifieds: 8th Jan 2012 Description: Based in Bath Original seats from 93 Corrado (with centre hump), retrimmed in black leather with red feature stitching and custom pattern on front seats. Have to be seen to be appreciated, door cards also available but leather has stretched with living in the garage and now not as tight as they should be but would undoubtedly tighten in the sun. Tim
  7. Location: Bath Price: 24.00 GBP Date added to Classifieds: 10th Dec 2011 Description: OEM struts, work fine, based in bath, £20 plus £4 postage.
  8. TimDoc

    wanted 95 bonnet

    I have one in bath! DBP and comes with the hinges, in really good nick, no dents, no rust or damage. Was looking for £120 but now want it gone so make me an offer. Tim
  9. Black VR6 going up Bloomfield Road in Bath around 10 mins ago (4pm) - get in contact - lots of spare parts looking for a home still from my old VR. Tim
  10. TimDoc

    Bonnet Hinges

    did you get some? Tim
  11. TimDoc

    VR6 Cylinder Head

    I have a complete one in Bath - make me an offer (would need collecting!) Tim
  12. TimDoc

    Bonnet Hinges

    i have a pair attached to a very straight bonnet! Sat in my garden waiting for someone to make me an offer - dbp is the colour and the bonnet is in really good nick. Based in Bath Tim
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