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  1. If you still have any of these left i could really use a set, the car's been ressurected after many years off the road and i'd forgotten how annoying the window was. cheers
  2. did this last week, the pads and carriers are cross compatible. although iirc the mk4 discs are thinner and the pads are slightly thicker.
  3. Got back to leeds yesterday and there was an empty envelope waiting for me :( if there are any spares going I could do with a set as I only NEED to do one window, just wanted to do both.
  4. cool, it'll probably be around the 23rd/24th i'll give you a shout closer to the time if that's ok?
  5. Hey everyone, i'm at a bit of a loss as to what might be causing this problem, so any tips/help would be greatly appreciated i was driving home from uni a couple of weeks ago and suddenly there was a strong smell of burning plastic :S the car was still working fine though and i got home without a problem. later in the evening, i went to pick up the girlfriend from work and there was a whineing noise coming from the alternator. i figured... well that's a bugger i guess i need a new one. i took it in to a local company who have "repaired" it and then bench tested it, so it was supposedly working fine. they said that the rectifiers were blown from excessive load. I charged the battery, re-fitted the alternator, and the car was running fine but then a couple of days ago (after driving it round for 2 days) it gave out on me at the supermarket and i ended up having to get recovered back home :(. ive taken the alternator back in to the same company today and they think it's the same thing again. so i guess my question is, does anyone know of anything that could break on the 'rado that would cause this to keep happening, I haven't noticed anything electrical that's recently stopped working, and aside for its ne taste for alternators, i can't see/hear/smell/etc anything that's different. my initial thought was that it could have been a dodgy earth or something shorting out the battery but if that were the case then surely the battery would go flat if the car was left to it's own devices, and it seems to be holding its charge.. all very confusing any help anyone can provide would be massively appreciated.
  6. I'd happily relieve you of these but I'm Not likely to be coming past derby until close to Christmas and I guess you're keen to get rid before then
  7. Something.... Don't know what's broken. But it appears that my car's taken to eating alternator rectifiers, i'm on my second in a fortnight :'(
  8. Not sure what it's technically called. But I'm after a front crossmember thing (the bit the radiator sits on with an engine mounting about 1/3 of the way along it) any chance you can help? :) Leo
  9. this is looking awesome, it'll be good to see some pics of it back together, wish i could justify even a partial respray at the moment.
  10. cheers for the tips, good to know i'm not the only one who's pulled their handbrake off, it wouldn't really matter that much except I live on a ridiculous hill so i've got bricks in the road outside my house to park on :) I've actually ordered some of the rollers so hopefully that'll be done soon, and I was thinking i'd fit a remote start kit while I was doing the heater matrix (since you have to pull everything out anyway) and while i was doing that i could have a poke about at the ignition wiring to see if it actually needs a new barrel The Sunroof has already been "upgraded" to a moonroof which is great, someone took out what was probably a functioning and water tight sunroof to fit a broken and leaking moonroof. ho-hum, most of the interior trim is currently on the back seat so i can get at the sunroof, it looks like you have to take out the headlining to get at it, it'll get done, even if i just stick in some bathroom sealant until I can do a proper job of it, at least that way the car will be water tight. cheers, i really wasn't keen when i bought it but when it's clean, it looks awesome, especially at night, sort of like a really tasty boiled sweet. must confess though eventually i want to have it resprayed as a sort of red black pearlescent colour, the sort that looks black most of the time but if you get it in bright light there's a hint of reddish purple. we'll see, i'm also a big fan of the nugget yellow, and the thought that driving past a group of school kids and making them all punch each other is quite pleasing. is it a big effort? i've seen that people have done this but i'm a bit concerned that it'll end up costing a small fortune. Solidarity!! i'm sure you only really need to worry when you start to do more miles on a recovery vehicle that under your own steam :D Hi Andy, i'm actually living in Leeds at the moment. My family home (as in Mum and dad) is in Cheshire but i'm at uni in Bradford so only really in Cheshire for enough time to earn some money and then head back to Yorkshire, where abouts are you? maybe next time i'm back around we could get a pint or something.
  11. Has the headlight loom been uprated?? Mine was done before I bought the car and the standard of wiring is pretty poor, It sounds like a dodgy connection somewhere. If you boot it and the loom moves a little it could cause this to happen.
  12. so..... the 'rado was out of action again last week, the alternator that I changed over the summer went pop :( i've had it repaired by a company in Bradford and re-fitted it along with a new Bosch battery (thank you warranty). all in all a week from breaking to having it back on the road again is pretty good in my book. unfortunately, since time has been at a bit of a premium recently and i've had sod all money, things have been going wrong faster than i can fix them. so in order that everyone else feels really good about how little is broken on their car, i thought i'd go through what doesn't work any more :S - windscreen wipers: at anything over 50 mph the move but don't appear to touch the windscreen, at least they do nothing to help with visibility (slightly worrying on the motorway) also they only work on "crazy wipe" speed, i'm thinking that might be the stalk. - handbrake: the other day i was pulling my car forward and i neglected to take off the steering lock, without thinking i grabbed the steering wheel and turned it vigorously. the arm thingy span round and smashed the windscreen (Which I had replaced today) on seeing the smashed glass, I became enraged and yanked on my handbrake, and it came off in my hand :( - Heater Matrix: been bypassed since I got the car - Driver side Window: doesn't go up and down properly. One of the rollers in the door has been snapped in half (I presume from when it lived in Liverpool and was nicked) - Rear Suspension: There's a wierd knocking noise from the rear suspension when i go over bumps, also the MOT said there was excessive play in the rear near side wheel hub so i guess that means new discs pads, bearings and bushes :S - Sunroof leaks whenever it rains or I wash the car and also doesn't open or close at all. - Ignition you have to woggle the ignition wires to get it to start which is, lets be honest, less than ideal. - Bodywork 3 of the 4 arches are dented, when it lived in Liverpool it was keyed down one side and on one occasion i fell over into it while drunk and scatched the C pillar Front Crossmember: there's a fist sized rust hole in the front cross memeber (the thin bit where the oil cooler pipe screws on) Update: between writing this post and putting it up, she's stopped working again, leading to this: Arrghh it never ends.......
  13. Dranoel4a

    Window Rollers

    As would I, one of mine has broken in half and now the window doesn't run up straight
  14. worked a treat :D thanks guys
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