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  1. Time served tool maker, maintenence engineer and aerospace and marine engineering. I have left engineering now as the moneys crap for the health risk and you have no security so what's the point. I am currently in the process of setting up a restoration and abrasive blasting business so i will definitely be useful to folk on here long term up north at least :)
  2. And lets not forget Rainbow 6 Rouge spear and Half life... 2 of the best shoot em ups ever imho
  3. Res 2 on ps1... So many happy terrified memories haha I still have my ps2 3 and 4 so want a ps1 myself. The best bit of advice for you is car boot sales bud. I still see nes1s for under £30, no proof of working of course and plenty of games. We do the boot sales every 2 weeks when they start and there is plenty of vintage gaming out there aswell as allsorts :)
  4. Dont even get me started on this sugar tax business. All it means is now 99% of normal priced pop etc in the supermarket is laced with cancer causing, bone damaging rubbish. Aspartame is listed on the NHS as carcinogenic. And worst of all 99% of the population seems f-ing clueless how bad artificial sweeteners are for you. Nanny state making decisions for you grrrrrr Rant over
  5. I really hope the old girl is all sorted and rebuilt now. I hated the state it was in under my ownership. It was purely financial why it went and I massively regretted selling that car just because i got laid off. The same situation repeated itself with my 205 Gti and i hung on to it as a lesson learned. Older, wiser and less daft i would of never sold it and i never would of fitted a 1.8t. It killed the top speed and drove pants compared to g60. G60 with a better charger is definitely the sweet spot imho :) Anyway i hope its looking well and would love to see it again. Maybe even buy it back one day. I used to hear that nigel moan saying i killed the car but that little nerd can shut up. Hes the one who fitted a spaceship steering wheels and cheese and furious boost pods plus all sorts of other naff crap. It would of been totally standard except bbs and under the hood my choice if funds permitted. I even despised the wheels it had on when i sold it lol Get it back to original and enjoy it, Its a dam clean shell.If its ever for sale again drop me a line :) Mick
  6. Thanks for the information pal :) I would of rebuilt the pierberg myself if i could have The pierberg is gone and loaded in my trebuchet haha No parts were available for them beyond seal kits and people were asking rediculous money for full used units, so I ended up putting a brand new weber kit on it to get it running better asap. It was unbelievable how many vacuum pipes etc were removed with the pierberg. Its much tidier under the bonnet now and far more simplified. Absolute doddle to fit and as a result it drives brilliant now.Albeit a bit more thirsty. My only really picky niggle is a slight hesitation as the second butterfly kicks in when flat to floor accelerating. But beyond that a million miles nicer to drive
  7. Get rid of the over complicated disposable thing and buy something from the 80s-90s that is nice and simple/ built to last :) Stuff new cars..They are cheap made money pits
  8. Hello and Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. After looking around we eventually ended up buying a mk2 scirocco again as a runner and the pierberg is running poorly as they usually do. We drove all t he way to milton keynes for it and as usual it was not as described but is a lovely starting point of a shell for 1300 quid as its solid below and only needs a shoot to tidy it up long term. It has a bit missing from the side of it but i am unsure what it is, It 99% sure its part of the choke unit but i am hoping someone on here could enlighten me who has messed with them more :) I will get some pictures up of the car as soon as i can but sadly its gone a little pink again after its first wash since we got it. Anyway i have a picture here so whats missing haha Sorry the pictures are not the right way up but for some reason the resize has rotated them too. Thanks Mick
  9. Sorry for the late replies everyone. Since i was last on here we have aquired a mk2 scirocco and a Lwb Suzuki sj which has became a welding pit haha. Ill get some pictures of the Gti soon. After alot of research i ended up going with Jenolite for now. It seems they all do the same job and its all about how you seal the area afterwards. bilt hammer seems a good one too. I have a full por15 set too a neighbor gave me too but i dont like the idea of washing bare metal with water. The jenolite has worked ok so far on some test areas though. With any treatment you do i think its all about cleaning the area first well, adding two coats and making sure its sealed from the elements afterwards. Mick
  10. Well we could not find a clean Rado so ended up with a little run around Scirocco. Now as usual the carb is missing bits and not running right so i need a new one. If anyone has one lying around please let me know :)
  11. Thanks for the brand recommendations, that is exactly what i needed. I was thinking to myself earlier i should start a funding campaign to get her restored. It seems alot of people do these days and id happily make a honorary plaque for contributors if it got the old girl finished again.
  12. Thanks for the replies and kind words Its a dam good one for sure.New rebuilt axle still like new, the last new airflow meter in the uk is on it too as they are no longer made and i got the last stock before the supplier went under, piles of new parts. Its just sadly picked up a bit of rot literally exclusively where water is draining from it :( I was planning to grind it back and prep it for winter but i ended up been able to poke a hole in the sill bottom. Any recommended products to try as a temp protection then? im lookimg for a storage area inside now as a temp solution.
  13. Well life has been nothing but a c word to me the past few years luck wise (i know people suffer far worse) and what ive noticed this morning just about makes me devastated. I have had my 205 ever since i sold the c and it has sat for 3 years now due to ****ty luck after ****ty luck after ****ty luck. First i was ripped on a paint job that was awful, then the door lock stuck and the door opened onto my neighbors car thus wrecking the brand new red trim and door plastic, then i was laid off and had to use the restore money to pay bills, then the new job paid peanuts, then we were burgled and they stole the keys for it and so on and on and on. The end result is my gti has sat for a few years now with 3k worth of bits in the garage ready for it and no funds to get it going. This is why i laugh at folk on here who said times are not hard, we have struggled to afford to eat the past few years....anyway i waffle in misery. The top and bottom of all of this is that the car needs some form of treatment to at least protect it more under the cover for now as i noticed today the sill in rotten where water has been draining near the rear wheel. It devastating seeing this on car that was immaculate a few years back. I know it wont stop the rot but im hoping it will prevent it spreading as its already one sill down if you dont like patching and the car was literally totally mint when i first had to take it off the road a few years back. Its been around me for years as 2 other people i knew owned it and the thought of it rotting due to my bad luck makes me sick but the thought of selling it makes me think im giving up the one thing i havent had to sell just to stay afloat. The are doing 38k now fully restored :( It has a good breathable cover for now and i cant use a carcoon sadly as the little **** bags who burgled us last time would only slash it open. We are stuck waiting for a new house on sale of this and it means for now i am garage less. Whats a good cheap protection recommendation for now then from your experiences? And any suggestions i may not have thought of? There is so many brands and there all hit and miss. Thanks in advance and peace Mick
  14. Well although my reply was a rant its good to see that when i read on people agree in some ways :) Hydrogen is explosive yes but storage devices that can take a shotgun shell etc have been around years now, just look at Bob Lazars corvette . The explosive tank is a bull excuse to put a good solution down and always was. Converting most engines to hydro would save materials, waste and create a short term zero emissions era to stop us turning Earth into a hot pot. Plus you could run a v8 on water :D whooo :lol: But i know, thats just too sensible and not profitable enough. Thats why i like the forum. Most of you on here are not nieve or stupid like the hipsters on other forums ;)
  15. Good to see im not the only one who hates social media too. Things have moved so fast :lol: I would say NOOOO do not sell you corrado to anyone on here thinking about it. You will regret it one day...... I know i have.
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