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  1. spoken to them. what nice people! have ordred the pins - thanks. also getting some solid ally interior door handles rather than the plastic coated ones they sell for the corrado and mk2. Should give me a nice quality feel.
  2. Darren, whats wrong with me in a mk3? 107k miles, P plate, total closure, unmarked three door in mystic pearlescent blue. ABS and my first car with anairbag. full VW history, and drives as if she were brand new, complete with unmarked alloys. I was so chuffed I can't tell you, and I got 1500 change from my G60 to put towards the mortgage after the impreza continues to cripple me. (btw, going on engine dyno on 16th june, if she breaks 900bhp/550lbft, I will let you know :D) miss the corrado, would say I should never have sold it, but needed to put the plate on something. whilst I am here, will someone please go to the dvla website and buy the number plates C11RGE, C11ARG and C11RGD, they would suit any forced induction car! trimsport link doesnt work, is it correct? would rather not go with chrome, but if there is nothing else immediately available.....
  3. thats an idea, but at the mo the car is totally standard, and I would like it to stay looking that way. don't want it having even a small degree of max powerness, thats what the main car is for!
  4. Guys, I need help. Have sold my corrado :( bought a 205 which I hated and since gone backt o my routes with a mk3 golf gti. Its not as pretty but as a second car it suits me fine and I needed a newer than M reg car to put on a number plate I dont want to keep on retention anymore. Anyway, I am wondering if you guys know of companies that make shorter door lock pins that cant be pulled up if the window is smashed and someone tries to hijack you or break in at night. I tried to ask on the gti site, but they review every message before it is posted and it never went up there, plus you guys ahve always been more friendly. I know that people into their corrados are routed in golfs anyway! Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. sorry dubcharged, but just wanted to pick you up on something, turbo chargers do not like back pressure at all. the best exhaust on a turbo charged car is no exhaust since you want the largest pressure ratio accorss the impeller as possible in order to get it to spin as efficiently as possible. The only time you would ever want back pressure is before the turbo has spooled up, at which point the engine is effectively normally aspirated. On turbocharged engines, the torque gain realised by the turbo far exceeds that which comes from having high back pressure when offboost, so most of us choose to remove the back pressure just to bring the turbo in as soon as possible.
  6. Dubcharged, you havent seriously patented these chips have you? I only ask because I dont believe it is possible.
  7. hi guys, need some sat nav help of my own. have fitted a becker sat nav din size cd based unit but cant get it to behave. plugged in gps aerial and have connected up reversing light sensor and speed pulse sensor. Have tried twice to get it to work, this is what happened each time. when I first connected it up I was in bradford. I set my destination and waited the ages it took to calculate a route, it told me my current position (road name) and what I should do. at this point nothing else happened, it was not aware that I was moving. the road I was on remained the same (was correct when it found it) and the instructions did not change. when I checked current position (gps coordinates) it did appear to be changing. I gave up and listened to music instead. next time I tried it was recently. I removed the unit and checked the speed pulse wire connection (told by darren that it was blue and white and part of the iso plug) as I thought it was not getting a signal and therefore assumed I was stationery. the connections were fine. I input my destination and again waited the age it required. It then told me exactly where I was and what I should do, but once again, my current street address did not change, nor was I getting any nearer to the point at which I should turn left or whatever (should count down in metres). This time when checking my current gps coordinates, it did not appear to be changing. I bought the unit second hand for £250 and it is an excellent cd player so am not completely bothered, but since it came out of a mercedes or something, it isnt a recognised normally available product and I wouldnt know who to talk to to suggest how I might resolve the issue. nor could I take it to a becker dealer as it doesnt say becker on it anywhere, despite being obviously a becker from the design! My thoughts are it could be a dodgy gps antenna. although it worked initially to work out where I was at the beginning, it doesnt appear to be changing after that, so maybe the unit was lucky to get one reading from it and is struggling to get another? I seem to remember last time that it was at any one point telling me that it could see 6 satellites so I presumed it was working fine. Any other ideas people? ps. car is a G60
  8. Adam M


    any ideas on who operate classic policies?
  9. Adam M


    wanted to ask peoples advice on this. I am 25 and pay 1400 on my impreza with full no claims and living in london. Because the corrado needs to be insured too, I lookedinto insuring it. Impreza is a seriously modded import so I cant move from privilege who are currently insuring it as no one else comes close. I drive the corrado currently on the 3rd pary allowance meaning it isnt insured against theft at the mo. It is registered in someone elses name incase you were worried about that clause. I rang privilege and because its a second car, I have been with them for 6 years, and not claimed on the other car which is a high performer, they will insure me on the G60 for £1050 a year, despite having no no claims. That is fully comp and an entirely new poilcy which is unreltaed to the other so if I claimed for theft, I wouldnt lose my no claims on the other car. In that offerm they have given me an introductory discount of two years no claims, which they will award me if I leave them after a year. thing is , the impreza is costing me £131 for the remainder of the policy, the corrado is going to be an extra £90 or so a month. In this position, am just wondering who would leave it as it is, and who would pay the extra and start building a second no claims bonus, remember ing that if you dont use them at any one time for more than two years they die. So if I start building it I have to keep using it! pay £90 more or stay as I am? votes please.
  10. is this jeroen dik? if so I remember him extending a mk 1 golf some time back in the days when no one was fitting VR6s. I would doubt for a second the quality of his work, thee is just a big part of me that thinks why spend so much money on a car for seriously diminishing returns when you can still have an incredible example that maybe doesnt perform quite as well, but is in keeping with the designers plans. I love the corrado, wouldnt have bought one otherwise, I just think it is almost rape to make it four wheel drive. No questioing the skill to do it, and in terms of business sense it is a wise move in terms of showcasing capability of his firm. But I cant imagine there will be many JD customers who would go down the 4wd drive route. Unfortunately being restricted to fwd is a major limitation. In his position I would spend a lot of time focussing on getting the corrado standard chassis to handle te same 350bhp that his 4wd is.
  11. why bother sticking a heavy 4wd system into a car then giving it only 350bhp. surely would have been better off leaving the corradot o whats its good at and buying something like an impreza or evo. Imprezas can weigh in at 1100kg ie less than the 2wd corrado but can be taken to 500bhp in a chassis that is relatively standard.
  12. sorry I wasnt clear in the physics lesson before guys. all circuits in a car are obviously parallel to eachother, else yes if one died the lot would fail, plus 12v would not be enough. But if considering one circuit, such as the lighting for one headlamp, then along the link between the battery and the bulb and back, it is a series circuit, and all the voltage drops along that path must add up to 12v and all the currents will be the same at any point along that same path.
  13. Or does the tensioner take up the slack? plus has anyone bought a chip that raises the rpm limit on their G60? been told that the 8v head may not be able to cope with an extra 500 to 1000 rpm.
  14. we are all new to this forum, but welcome anyway.
  15. Current in a series circuit is the same everywhere, only the voltage drops.
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