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  1. Now sold to Dan, thanks
  2. Ok mate ill pm you later Cheers
  3. Ok mate ill pm you later Cheers
  4. sorry for the year late reply...still have these £65 delivered
  5. sorry for the year late reply...still have these £65 delivered
  6. Are the pics you took in the paint shop of the finished work?
  7. lapisb


    Cheers fellas, I'm looking at fitting it but ill probably stick with the clear, my lights are still mint were renewed a few years ago so hoping to keep them protected
  8. lapisb


    Anyone who's done their lights care to share your thoughts and pics, cheers
  9. They are the same shaped profile but the oem are better quality but double the price, mine is a concours build so want to go oem wherever I can but none the less these as still good quality
  10. Sorry mate can't do, could send them back for a handling charge and get more, only selling as I got genuine ones now
  11. Cheers Jim, I don't think I will compete in concours events but I will be showing the car, it's more just for personal satisfaction
  12. Well the plan here is as the title suggests to bring this baby up to a concourse level. Of course there will be modifications made along the way to improve things, as there have already been done prior to my ownership. But generally speaking this will be a standard(ish) build sticking close to the factory build A few things I've done already are renewed the window slot seals as these were pretty shot along with a new sunroof seal and door aperture seals all genuine items, looks so much better and the door is noticeably more difficult to shut with the new seal which I may need to adjust to compensate, because its been tweaked to shut tighter on the old seal which was letting water in from the top of the door frame and slowly dripping onto the carpet, the result being damp carpet and steamy windows but all sorted now The main thing was the paint though, although the previous owner had it resprayed, which to be fair looks ok from a little distance but there has been some 'poor/crap bodyshop' flaws left. Being a professional painter these really stick out like a sore thumb to me and will need to get sorted soon, these include some real DIY style things like paint on the rubbers from poor masking, paint on the sunroof seal, no longer an issue though as I've replaced it with new, overspray on the door shuts, including white primer, hard edged masking off on the apertures and seams which have now left a sharp break line between new and old paint, bits of dirt in the paint which have not been denibbed, quite bad uneven repairs resulting in ripples and irregular panels and last but not least were the awful mopping swirls left on the paintwork which were nasty in the sun but could even be seen on a cloudy day! So all in all not good, so spent a day mopping and polishing the paint to get rid of the previous mopping attempt, has improved drastically but will need a full strip down glass out prep sometime in the future Other than that happy with the car has been maintained well and had some good things done to it to keep it tight which makes it the ideal base for me to attack it This is it looks now after some mopping it again
  13. Are the white plastic sill trim retaining clips still available? Part no? Cheers
  14. I have a brand new eight metre roll of door aperture seal bought from seals-direct enough to do both door apertures cost £85 selling for £75 inc. mainland delivery couldn't get pics to attach from the phone but happy to email them to anyone interested
  15. So I won't get them from you then :-) as your not selling...to be honest I'm on a gradual concourse/as new build so just building up the stock pile atm so looking at new only, the only thing that I'm going to put on the car now are the scraper seals and door aperture seals
  16. Thanks for the Info mate, much appreciated Vaghag Are the seals new?
  17. Can someone give me the part no's for the door frame seals the two that fit the top of the door frame around the glass one inside and one outside. Need the numbers for both sides please for a late corrado I can't get onto etka Cheers
  18. I have the same on mine Komi sports and hr springs (green) I think they are not too bad but the rear definitely feel firmer than the front due to there not being much weight back there, I think it really starts to get to you the more you drive the car and obviously the state of the roads your on
  19. out of interest which koni/hr set up did you go for and what made you change from the kw's?
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    Valve springs

    *uprated that's meant to be not updated lol
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