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  1. Putting my pride and joy highline VR6 up for sale I'm looking to get back into a Corrado VR6 as I miss the look of the Corrado over the mk3. It's a 96 P reg 5dr highline in mulberry which is by far the best colour that mk3's came in. It's just ticked over to 110k miles which really isn't a great deal for a VR. It's a very smooth running engine and very quiet too. Performs as it should with no misfires etc. Since I've owned it I've fitted a new sump and changed the oil and filter using genuine filter and castrol 10w40 oil Fitted new oil cooler seals as they were leaking a bit and are common on VR's again using genuine parts. New header tank purely because I fit a new one to every VW I own so the coolant level can been seen easily. Standard airbox fitted with new air filter New coilovers fitted all round along with new genuine VW front top mounts. New aero wiper blades. Taxed till the end of March and 11 months MOT on it. Mint condition hella quad headlamps fitted Drilled and grooved front discs and pads. Smoked crystal front fogs and indicators but also have a full set of standard fogs, reflectors and indicators. Bodywork wise it is in very good condition for its age with only a couple of small rust blemishes but aren't really noticable and there's a small bit of paint missing on the O/S/F wing. The bumpers have had the swage lines smoothed and the front plate recess has also been smoothed to a very high standard. The boot lid has had the handle deleted and also the rear badge and wiper hole have been smoothed, again done to a very high standard with metal welded in and not just full of filler. The interior is heated black leather with all the usual highline extras like different center console, black pillar trims, air conditioning, height adjustable front and rear seatbelts, rear headrests and also a rather rare folding rear centre armrest. All the seats are in excellent condition and the heated elements work as they should. Electric windows all round, O/S/R needs a new regulator but thats on its way so they will all be working when car is sold. Stainless cat back exhaust system is fitted but is nice and quiet. New Solid front engine mount fitted, engine doesn't move at all under acceleration and next to no extra vibration is felt in the cabin so win win really. I haven't got many pictures at the minute as she needs a wash but will get some soon. Any questions feel free to ask in case I've missed Price £1300 on standard BBS solitudes with 4 decent tyres £1800 on the A8 monoblocks which have 4 brand new tyres fitted, new FK adapters bought from Venom, brand new center caps which are still in packets and new Audi locking wheel bolts, there's over £500 in the tyres, adapters and caps! Needless to say I'm not making a profit on this one :D How the car currently stands Thats with the old headlights fitted How the front bumper looks The rear bumper and boot lid So there you go, I'm in no rush to sell so no offers as the car stands me at a LOT more than I'm asking.
  2. Good to see things are going from strength to strength Matt! Having seen your work I'd gladly recommend you to anyone!
  3. Honda PG1 gearboxes were always filled with 10w40 engine oil and very rarely gave trouble. But they also had a service interval to change the oil around 48k if my memory serves. Gonna change my gearbox oil next week but I'll be using the 75w90 that we have at work as it's easier and if its good enough for the Ferrari's I work on then its good enough for the old Corrado :D
  4. We've got a used Atom for sale at the minute and I had to take it out as part of the mechanical checks we do on every car. OMG what an absolute weapon of a car. Hard to use its full potential on the public roads but the acceleration is brutal, the noise is addictive and the handling is like nothing I've ever driven before. You do get some funny looks driving down the M6 in it though I must admit!
  5. 22 miles a day in my VR6, never had an issue at all. Will be coming off the road soon for a bit of TLC. I think she's earned it :D
  6. Looks good pal, fancy doing mine?
  7. Cool, well I'll probably tag along, not on a club stand but worth getting there early I suppose.
  8. Coming along very nicely pal, gutted I didnt get to see this conversion happen. Ah well its an excuse to come back to the rock to have a look at it.
  9. I'll have to measure it tomorrow but its just standard US plate size what ever that might be, I'm sure most show plate websites will list the dimensions
  10. No worries, I'll give WesleyVR6 24hrs to reply and if not then its yours :)
  11. In my experience with any older VW's is that when the cars are jacked up and there's no weight on the front top mounts there's always play/movement in them which is perfectly normal. Also I wouldn't bother with the wishbones, ball joints and rod ends if there's nothing wrong with them. Chances are you won't feel a great deal of difference by replacing them all unless there knocking/worn. Rear axle bushes always look perished. These cars are getting old. I'd only replace them if there was serious issues with them. Good to see that you're having a go at some of the jobs though, will save you a good amount of money all being well.
  12. Postage will be about £5 in the UK, will await a reply from the first two guys though.
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