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  1. ive possibly got one for sale
  2. oh £80 https://www.flickr.com/photos/swissgrip/shares/a1x4oD
  3. Hi whats your email I'll send you photos, this website is telling me images are too big well they need bigger server
  4. your totally right was unable to do photos on the phone no idea why well here they are I hope
  5. Set of 4 4x100 estoril wheels for sale including Michelin pilot tyres
  6. have you still got these up for grabs ? ---------- Post added at 5:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 5:26 PM ---------- doh just saw the Whiley Post
  7. Is the door still up for grabs or id you after one

    Sorry mailing from my phone not so easy to see

  8. have you still got the footrest available ? does posted mean you sent it out to someone or thats the price including the postage ?
  9. I have a tank from My G60 up for grabs if your Interested? 89 to 91 model from a left hand drive is the same I believe as yours I was in VAG the other day trying to get a fuel gauge it would appear there is only 2 types as I was told but the guys in the parts depts aren't always to bright when it comes to the corrado anyway I am selling mine as unfortunately my wiring loom caught fire 2 years ago :( but is okay got me a 16v instead :) still was a shame coz the older one had better seats and all the extras that you don't get over here, from bloody rip off britain
  10. swwiss

    Air con

    Awesome thanks from your photos I can see it is possible cheers :0)
  11. swwiss

    Air con

    has any one got photos of Air con hoses in the engine bay of a right hand drive VR6 or 2.0 16v, I have a G60 left hand drive with air con but want to put it in my 16v as I am making it a G60-16v but have the problem of the hoses from the bulk head coming from the left hand side on the G60, as in the right hand drive the brake servo is on the right as where on the left hand drive model the hoses are coming from the right, so I am after photos to see if the VR6 right had drive had the hoses coming from the left, any help I would be greatful,l Thanks Swwiss
  12. if you wait get the Alpine Ida X100, I Had the X001 was great but was like a base model, the X100 is only little bit better but has got rid of all the annoying things that the x001 had like a there was a search button and a enter button now the X100 has the enter and search button together making it so much easier to use, and also the build is better than the model before. If you buy it on-line is about the same price, if not the same by now
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