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  1. Hi could be interested in taking this as my exhaust is finished! Is it cat-back or cat replacement? Its my cat replacement pipe that's totally had it.
  2. That really is a great looking car!
  3. You could pull the cv joint off the end of the drive shaft without touching the hub nut; there is a thrust washer on the inner CV to stop it sliding back out, but nothing on the outer... Undo the bottom ball joint, the outer CV boot ties and the inner CV/Drive flange bolts and it will give the lateral movement needed to to remove the entire drive shaft and inner CV.... doing this could prove a ball ache if the ballbearings or cage come out of the outer CV joint as it'll be tough to see what you're doing to reassemble; but it could save you taking backward steps to put the car back on the ground....
  4. Just go to maplin Ray, assuming your location is accurate, there's one in Gorgie with parking, and there's one in livi too if you are out that way. You can buy it in pre-cut lengths or get it off the reel in mtrs; best price depends how much you need.... hth Andrew
  5. Only the underwriter will know why this will be - and they are unlikely to share it, but when you look across a huge array of data you start to see trends, and correlations - this is what creates the various ratings factors that insurance companies use. They use past measurements to predict future risks.... a bit of a flawed forecast method on a case by case basis but works given the scale it is applied... to make sense of it you need to be objective, and de-personalise the situation - they do not really create a quotes for you; they assess what pre-defined and pre-quoted banding in the risk spectrum you fit into In this case it could be that there is a curve or trend between age of car and likelyhood of accident - which sort of makes sense - we are less likely to crash our old corrados as they have become cherrished, but equally I drive my new car carefully because its the most expensive thing I own.... somewhere in the middle though might be driven more carelessly... I guess that doesn't answer exactly why the insurance is 125% variance between quotes, but when you cross correlate and compound multiple effects as above, you could find maybe the specific combination of that car being more unlucky in that area, being driven by someone in that agegroup who works in that tpe of profession etc etc even though all you have done is asked for a quote on a car thats two years older... all that being said, it does seem weird!!!
  6. The Direct Gov webpage says: So that says to me it doesn't matter what the outcome of the test is, you can take it home. What if you didn't intend to tax it?
  7. I had this same question a couple of months back, and found these two web pages that confirm from the horses mouth what is allowed... driving without tax (bottom of page) driving without MOT (middle of page) you must always have insurance, but you can cancel within 14 days with no penalty... The bit I have never understood (or more accurately, bothered to understand) is that many policies have a clause around valid MOT and or tax, not sure if this would render the policy invalid, or just reduce it to 3rd party liability only. I doubt the police would check the terms of your insurance, more likely they'd just check that there is a live policy on the car; in terms of cover you may want to clarify this depending on how risk averse you are! HTH
  8. I was just thinking along the same lines - and a bit of reading about Napier, and I find taht actually the Deltic engine was based on a reconfiguration of the Culverin, which was an OPOC 6 cyl in-line: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napier_Culverin
  9. you could try jacking that corner up setting the steering to full lock and turning the road wheel to see if you can get it to crunch... sounds like cv joint from your description...
  10. in that pic 14/18 is to secure the bracket so shouldn't need to be done; the one on the right side of the pump that needs to be undone is 19/20. you also need to do bolt 21 on the pulley side, nut 24 on the back of the eyelet
  11. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has seen any products like this one.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/INFINITY-REFERENCE-6432CFP-4X6-2-WAY-CAR-PLATE-SPEAKER-/220833335631 I really like the idea but it doesn't seem to be available in the UK - has anyone seen or used an equivalent? I've got a set of infintiy components in the front with the 4" woofer in the door pod and tweeters in the dash driven by a 2x100 amp at the moment which sound great, but as there is nothing at all in the back other than the sub it sounds a bit weird if you look any direction other than straight forward - you get bass in one ear and mid/high in the other.... Interested in hearing what you have done with the standard 6x4 slots in parcel shelf supports - I have no intention to do any hacking of interior!
  12. Some heads only have one or two pairs of RCAs which means you still get left/right balance but you can loose F/R fader (depending how its wired) Having said that, I'd imagine your Alpine one will have three pairs of RCAs....
  13. Which way round is it - neutral or alkaline to protect previous waxing?
  14. Just put a link to my one in my previous post... you choose the fitment to suit your machine.
  15. I have a lance very similar to this one, on a Karcher. I just pour straight product in the bottle - do you use straight or diluted?
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