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  1. right ive spent an hour searching the site with some contradictions, so thought it would be good to have a difintive guide on what the new fuses are. I realised and need confirmation to three main relays which are problematic on the g60 1) ecu relay, was 32 new one is 30 ? 2) fuel pump relay, was 80 new one is 167 ? 3) ignition switch, was ? new one is 6N0 and is black instead ? can you please confirm
  2. right ive spent an hour searching the site and have realised there are three main relays which are problematic 1) ecu relay, was 32 new one is 30 ? 2) fuel pump relay, was 80 new one is 167 ? 3) ignition switch, was ? new one is 6N0 and is black instead ? can you please confirm, as i want to fire her back up
  3. im getting tired of trying to decipher why my car keeps torturing me by breaking! think a rebuild maybe in order :) i stopped running the car as a daily for a week, after buying a van, took the corrado out for a run before i was going to take it of the road, brilliant. Then a couple of days later took it out again and it dies the story went to town, saw my friend amy, gave her a wave then started driving out of town. Got a phone call from amy (ive left my lights on have you got some jump leads?) i said il pull over now and have a look. Luckily i pulled over by a body shop who lent me a battery booster, but with no charge :( . i said do you want a lifty? she junmped in and i headed toward the body shop (to drop it back off) the problem as i was driving back the abs light kept flickering, it stopped flickering when i got it going over 3k but in town conditions and everything it was acting up...it became a little juddery as well, then just as i was about to turn into the body shop it died. As in the engine switched itself off and all the lights stayed on. it was low on juice, so i put more in and when i tried turning the key, nothing is happening. i tried jumping it on the tow home and there was a massive flamming backfire and the car seemed to run for a while, havent tried anything else since, im still upset at her, its a 1992 1.9 g60, serviced a few months back. can anyone help me again...?
  4. i had this problem to start with, just takes a bit of persistance, going back and clicking on the link again and it opened for me
  5. not sure if this is in the right section so mods please edit if needed. its a pdf site with some info on corrado mechanics, body and electrics. bit like a bently maual without the how to's and the price tag! :lol: http://www.pdftop.com/ebook/vw+corrado+repair+manual/
  6. its happened to me twice one in the week and once today. when i switch my car on, drive about then switch it off , i hear the fan go cooling everything down, either before, when the fan kicks in or just after my fuel pump starts. this carrys on until my battery goes flat, has anybody had any experiences of this or solutions????
  7. i was cotemplating a g60 one as i heard they give really good performance, i have the opurtunitiy to buy one (brand new rebuilt as the g60 one is) for 420, but that would eat up a whole load of cash. how much did you get quoted for yours slim? just wondering if theres any difference in performance to the universal ones? any ideas on core sizes and overall size for a universal one i can get away with? and how about upgrading radiators?
  8. Hey all in a couple of weeks i finally get some cash so im going to invest in some cooling aparatus for my 1.9 g60, then a full tune. cooling wise, its totally standard. I want to go FMIC, heard golf g60 are the best and have the dimensions core= h, 330mm w, 570mm d, 40mm could i use a universal mount FMIC with similar dimensions (although then the outlet pipes would be differntly situated) is it that much harder to fit a universal one and what are the adv/disadv to a universal compared to golf g60 original item? (do you need an rsr outlet if you have a g60 u bend?) also heard golf gti/g60 rads are better too, dimensions h, 320mm w, 525mm d, 32mm. would this be advantageous over the original corrado item? in short im basically looking at intercooler options, better cooling options on a budget of £600
  9. cool i got them up now, did send the guy PM, so ledgend for getting them up. thats a proper race ready installation jobby hes done on that white c, looks fully sick. Not sure if my mate would go that far but stella is always a good persuader :lol: much appreciated slimbo ive asked him for a price on a similar job to that one but he hasn't got back to me, do you mind me asking how much you paid for yours phatty? or the contact details of the firm which completed yours? p.s. if you ever break yours id get a shop in one of them designer outlet stores to shift the stuff off your c ! i do believe they are all completly nessecary tho! :lol:
  10. cant seem to get the attachments up on that link, even with signing in :confused4:
  11. hi all, im thinking of putting a roll cage in my c. its a daily driver but i dont need the rear seats so im thinking of replacing them with some scaffolding. i dont have any experience in anything to do with cages so i thought researching would be the best call first. the reason im thinking of doing it as my mate, whos a sh*t hot welder offered. so lets get down to it. what material is best, diameter pipes and where are the best points to fit? i dont want any of that polished crap so the end product will be powder coated and i dont really mind it being welded in but preferably a bolt in jobby, also how do you fit the thing in there or do you construct it inside the car? (unfourtuantly the car has a sunroof) i like psi tunings job in pete mcginleys green mk3, four point bolt in jobby any suggestions guys, or have you any plans i could use???
  12. that what i thought get the intercooler then get the map, i cant afford those calipers no matter how much i want them, think im going to go with vince when i can raise the cash, he seems to know a lot more about this type of engine and i feel better taking it to a guy everyone seems to trust, plus he's cheaper lol never liked the jabbasport logo any way
  13. just had feedback from jabbasport, here's what he said Your best option is to have the car custom mapped here on the rollers. This service comes out at £420 inc VAT. This is a full live map on the rolling road and will take into account all of the modifications that you mentioned in your enquiry. Intercooler doesn’t really make much difference to the mapping other than final power output as the management system can take into account the charge air temperature and adjust fuelling to suit.. opnions?
  14. yeah ive got a polished bracket that fits onto that plastic box that i wanted fitted to the engine, which is also polished but the guy said it would have feel apart in his hands if he took it off haha but since ive been running with the new engine tho i have noticed something, i fooking hate polished motors :lol: il have a look into intercoolers, that c with the tvr is selling one for 100 notes but il wait till i can get some spare cash and do my homework first. what sort of boost should the charger ne running?
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