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  1. As title, wanted and needs to be posted to bham :)
  2. Symptoms: cutting out at 15mins, starts up, then dies after 5 mins (this continues every 5 mins)also the sound of bubbling from tank,and noisey main pump. Please remember this car has been sat in a barn for year. (Spiders still making appearances)
  3. Right people, problem sorted. It turned out to be the one way valve on the fuel pump unit. It was seized closed, so the lift pump was working over time, heating up and shutting down. Hence the car cutting out. Pump swap, fuel unit cleaned & 1 way valve cleaned / working and it's good to go. I wanted to let you know the outcome and cause of my problems. Hate when people don't update/solution to problems.
  4. Thank you, but it's sorted now :)
  5. Hi guys, I'm after a Corrado 2.0 16V under side fuel system. Fuel pump, housing and accumulator. Posted to Birmingham
  6. hows the corrado, still running well? and further issues? still playing with mine :(
  7. sorry its posted in 3 sections, wouldnt allow me to just sent you one message....please read from the bottom up...thank you

  8. I read on your post that you can scan your corrado? how do i do this?


    Currently now ....i have two problems rather then one.... really really sad face....:(


    I see you're in Derby, im happy to pay if you have come down one day and help me out.


    Currently sourcing a metering head and ISV....


    Any help will be appreciated...


    many thanks Bob

  9. Problem I'm having is:

    the car will run and get to temp, fans kick in and out a few time and then car cuts out. You have immediately turn the key and the car starts, idles fine, then after 5/7mins cuts out again....this is continuous until you let the car cool down and then its the same cycle.....


    so far I have tried:

    1. Ignition switch

    2. Dizzy

    3. plugs, leads, rota, cap.

    4. Main ECU,

    5. Ecu pump relay.


    Still the same symptoms...maybe lambda probe?


    Stupid me, got abit angry and i started disconnecting plugs to check sensors. while the car was running, i disconnected the left hand side plug on the metering head. The car limped a little and then died...so then reconnected this, but now the car is in limb mode...(pulling my hair out)

    I'm presuming, I've knacked my metering head now? or is there away to reset them?

  10. Hi,


    Im after a little help :(


    Ive been trying to get my corrado 16v 9A running properly....what a nightmare. I brought a 76K, 1 owner from new corrado, which was a non runner.

    Long story short, these where the issues:


    1. Both fuel pumps were dead - so these were replaced.

    2. after market alarm system (no fobs) was cut out and original wiring reconnected.

    3. fuel sender unit seized - replaced.

    4. There was no compression, so drop a little oil down the plugs and gave it a tow start, and the beauty started.

  11. Hi guys, im after a 16V 9A metering head, in working condition. Im in birmingham. many thanks bob
  12. When Tank was cleaned out, no water present and little debri removed. Accumulator was not changed. But I did have all the fuel unit off and blow all the lines through. Pressure in system is good, I did crack the banjo off and it sprayed well. I swapped the dizzy with a different one off my mates car that was running fine. No difference made. Not tried the lambs sensor (something new to try)
  13. Right guys, would really appreciate some advice. I got a 67k Corrado, which has been off road for 12 odd years, sat in a shed. I brought it as a nonrunner. Once cleaned up, I noticed someone previous to me had messed with the electrics (after market alarm and Imm) I put a good battery on it and the Igintion lights came on and all electrics worked fine. Turned the key and nothing, so by passed the alarm system and the engine turned over but no fuel pump buzzing. Took the intank pump out and put power to it, this was dead, so replaced. Underside pump was also dead and replaced this aswell. Inc new fuel and feul filter. After a few turns (build up pressure) it started and run beautifully, a little smokey to start with. Changed the oil n filter...cambelt was not great and cracking, replaced this and the tensioner, drive belt and power steering belt. Refreshed the power steering fuild also. Right, the problem... Start the car and let it run, cars up to temp, fans kick in about 3 times and the car cuts out. Turn the key, car starts and runs for about 5 mins and cuts out again...(continuous problem) The underside pump has got noisey again, like fuel starvation. Checked the lift Pump but this is working fine....(???) Spark is fine. Things I have replaced and changed: ECU, Dizzy, Cap and rotors arm, Leads & plugs, Both pumps (lift pump twice) Fuel filter Fuel Flushed lines out, All injectors sparking fine, Ecu pump relay Igintion swtich I'm really confused with this one, trying to get hold of a metering head to try this.... Before someone asks, Ive had this problem for a few months and tried to read everything I can about this problem on the forums, but just can't get to the bottom of it. It's such s lovely car, with full vag history and low miler. Got to be someone who can help me, I'm in Birmingham and willing to pay if you can fix it.... I want to enjoy it while the weathers good. Anyone near Birmingham with a metering head, please get in touch. Thanks for reading, looking forward to your help. Could I have a faulty underside pump? It's borsch and brand new? Cheers bob
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