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  1. Finally can get a good fuel hose and replace both: Thank you guys for your help. Let's keep working on bring my G60 to the streets again. Next step: fix ABS light.
  2. Nice work out here, thou. Thank you guys for the pictures. They will be useful. I will bought the hose directly to VW, because they has stock and I can return to the job this week.
  3. The tank was removed. If don't, you can't access to these lines. So no danger at all (if I finally use a dremel).
  4. Nice @Bauhaus Is just the solution I've been thinking today.
  5. Ok, thank you. I will look around here for a local store where can I buy 1 meter like this (one of the link is too expensive shipping to Spain).
  6. Ok, next week I will work again on that. But if you are saying that could be very hard to cut and it's relatively easy to broke interior hose, I'm thinking about to find another solution that not involves cutting the clip/collar metal. Something like that: Do you think it can obstruct the fuel flow or make the pressure go high? Yes, of course. It's from Heritage Reading
  7. I have had some problems past two years related to the loss of fuel from these hoses and I have to change them to avoid repeat the problem as much as possible. How about cut the hose, not the collar metal and make a merge with the new one using some PVC/Silicone pipe or something?? Do you think is not a good solution?
  8. And what you did with the metal collar I refer in first post?
  9. Thanks. And how about cut here: And make a splice with the new hoses? The length of hoses is strictly necessary be 150mm and 160mm?
  10. Hi, I'm working on fuel hoses replacement. Those ones: I have the replacement (need to cut to 150mm and 160mm): But I don't know how to remove this and after how to mount again: Could you please help me? Is necessary to broke those climps? And how about mount the new ones? I though today was going to be a profitable day but, no, as always. Thanks
  11. I will upload some pictures to have an idea what I have.
  12. Thats because I asked about code colors, to focus only in one and most 'easy' to find.
  13. I have almost all the parts (took me yesrs collecting them). But my seats and panels are different colors, so Inwould like to complete the interior with the right ones (used, of course)
  14. Thanks. But I dont want to dye, I want to buy original parts. Use a dye maybe, but not main objective because is not the same result.
  15. Sorry to rescue the thread. What I need to search in that page? My Corrado doesn't came with beige interior. It's a think I start to do years ago, because I like Tornado Red Corrado combinated with beige interior. I have two or three beige colors. Which of them is most affordable to complete?
  16. Yes you can see fuel lines are not good. They lose fuel and fill all arpund fuel. Dangerous. Will be replaced. Thanks.
  17. You can see a lot of fuel. The fuel trims will be replaced or fixed.
  18. Sure. The rubber of R/Y is unplugged for checkings. Will be fixed and protected as other wires.
  19. I don't know what caused ECU blown, because after I did checkings, I saw a lot of possible issues (crappy car alarm installation, dirty grounds or bad grounds, fuel loss...). But the car stops in uphill street, where the fuel that remains near the fuel pump connector, I think it made contact with connector, ground, etc. I don't know if it can blown a ECU, but there was a lot of fuel near the connector when the car stops.
  20. It begans with the new fuel pump. I think it burns gauge cluster and fuel pump relay for some short, because the fuel pump hoses lose fuel. Then, one day after replace relay, the fuel accumulated at the top of the fuel pump touches the connector, and then burns the ECU. It's all of kind of related issues, that ends with a burned ECU. I will open, to see if is repairable. But now, the light (of the street) at the end of the garage is closest now.
  21. At least!! It was the ECU. I just plug the 'new' ECU and fuel pump and relay works and sounds loud and clear. And the engine starts fine. Well a LOT of white smoke and smells like hell and burned oil, but it runs!!! After spending 350e... But it runs! Next step: clean the alarm system, throw out the car and check and repair wires Thank you so much for your help guys! 😉
  22. I will check that, thanks. The engine starts fine without any trouble when I bypass the fuel pump. I don't think there will be any bad fuse, but I will check that too, who knows. Thanks
  23. Checking wires in engine bay, I saw the ignition coil maybe missing some wires: Ignition coil, spark plugs and spark plug wires are new (well, they got a lot of years -10 maybe-, but less than 1000 kms 😅)
  24. Hi, I just purchased an used ECU + Complete CE2 wiring. Next week will arrive and I will check. It's reference is 037 906 022 CP BTW, I did few more checkings today. Let's lists them: 11/12/2021 • Check Hall Sender Unit, Voltage supply. (Bentley 28.9) ✅ • Check Hall Sender function. (Bentley 28.10) ✅ • Check connectivity from M/02 (R/Y) to R/Y from fuel pump connector ✅ • RPM needle moves when crancking? NO. But the checkings to the Hall sensor was good. I said previously the needle moves, but it don't. I don't think this is a good checking, but... • Check if ECU got voltage directly from battery. ECU pin 14 to positive ( + ). Pin 13 to ground ( - ). Pin 3 to LED Tester and LED tester to positive ( + ). LED light should be shrink. If not, ECU is not receiving voltage. ❌
  25. Thank you. Purchase used ECU it's an option if repair mine it's too expensive. Will check few more things to find my problem and I will decide what to do (burn it all, I supose).
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