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  1. All parts now sold, models still available if anyone wants them Cheers Scott
  2. Bump, models still for sale treat yourself to a gift this christmas! With all the parts i dont really want to split and would rather someone picked up if poss Thanks Scott
  3. They're pretty well priced, i paid more than that when i bought them Cheers Scott
  4. I'd rather not post, if no one wants to pick up I may look at splitting and posting Cheers Scott
  5. Hello, Just having a tidy out of the garage and have some random bits left over, will sell the lot for £40 pick up only. Includes, headlight, new parcel shelf straps, new piece of external trim (think its the door bump strip), 3 central locking pumps, fan, boost gauge, 2 sets of g60 clocks, door handle with key... Corrado models on page 1 still available Thanks Scott
  6. Morning Yep theres enough for both doors, i'll pm you paypal details Cheers Scott
  7. Bump, ive added a few other items i've found in the garage Cheers Scott
  8. Morning, Sorry no offers, it will be £75 + £10 postage = £85 Let me know if you are interested Thanks Scott
  9. Morning Dox, No offers im afraid, it will be £30 + £40 + £10 combined postage = £80. Just let me know if you want them as they seem to be quite popular! Thanks Scott
  10. If I'm adding up correctly now I've added the revel price it's £155 + postage which I would have to check on Monday, but I would imagine it would be between £20-£30
  11. I have a few different model corrados that i no longer require + a couple of other bits: 1. Revell 1:18 VR6 never been out the box, £30 + £10 postage (or you can pick up for free) 2. Otto g60, only been out the box twice (once for this photo) £40 + £10 postage 3. Set of door seals from seals direct, never got round to fitting them but have been told they are a good replacement *sold*: 4. Mk4 brake calipers and hoses, **sold** 5. Headlight, has a large chip in the glass and rear covers are missing, £20 +£10 postage 6. Headlight glass, good condition *SOLD* 7. Original set of wipers, £5+£10 postage 8. New headlight switch, think this was an upgraded one that is less prone to burning out. *SOLD* 9. Binacle covers, bit of a bother sorting postage but happy to put in with other item for *SOLD* Obviously if you want to pick anything up thats fine, I'm located in leicester. Postage will be comined on multiple items Thanks Scott
  12. Ive got a halfords one I don't need anymore as I've sold the car. It's a medium one but fits really well, you do need to take the aerial but that only takes a second. Also has straps which run underneath the car which I removed as I never used them. £20 + postage? Cheers Scott
  13. Hello Sorry to jump on the thread but I have a manual which I no longer need. It has been used but is in good condition, happy to sell for £50 Cheers Scott
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