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  1. As title - looking for rad support and slam panel as mine have just about had it. Also looking for someone chopping a car up as I'm after the part circled in attached picture for driver's side. TIA
  2. I struggled badly with this. Ended up making what I needed from scratch. Good luck!
  3. Is there a price for wings, please?
  4. Am I the only one still jonesing for these wings?
  5. Not long by the looks of this post. No mention of CF fenders though, sadly...
  6. I'd throw in. Agree with what's been said about closing it off to non-payers entirely would probably be counterproductive though. Posting privileges for only the paid-up perhaps?
  7. Writing as a prolific reader and only occasional poster; I think the forum's quality and scale of content is it's apparant demise. I can't think of a time I've run into a problem I couldn't get steer on from an old thread, negating the need for new - despite no lack of desire to engage with my fellow masochists. Can only offer that non-car chat and threads like "chufties" are what will keep the traffic up? Dunno. Please don't leave
  8. Honestly don't know who (if anyone) is getting the more valuable part here, so don't know how to bid, but if it makes any difference to splitting the bill - Goldfinger I'm happy to pick both up and drop you the bonnet?
  9. If Golfinger fancies the bonnet - I'll take the tailgate... Where are you, Sharpy?
  10. Hi all. After a body-cut; where rear of sill meets front of rear wheel arch on driver's side. Already had one off lilfuzzer that turned out to be worse than it appeared (thanks anyway, mate) and it's the only thing standing in between me and the MOT station, so I'm really keen to get it done...
  11. Glass Reinforced Plastic (fibreglass), I love the idea of reducing the weight of the car, but would struggle to put paint over carbonfibre (and DO want body-colour tailgate)
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