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  1. Please can anybody help me out with a replacement piece of glass for my near side front headlight. Cheers, Paddy
  2. Had similar issues couldn’t get in for a few days typed in details manually via full or mobile site and has worked every time since👌🏻
  3. Can anybody advise on where I could get these elusive bits from? Any advice much appreciated.Thanks Pat
  4. Looking for a tow eye cover drivers side and a VR6 engine cover can anyone help? Thanks Pat
  5. Looking for a front tow eye cover, engine cover and a 90mm splitter he says laughing anxiously!! Any help much appreciated. Thanks Pat
  6. Sorry dude I updated panjo but it didnt update the thread so apologies it has sold.
  7. Updated sold items removed....
  8. Sure will dig out wishbones this eve for a photo
  9. Try search for VAG1551 pdf same functions
  10. http://www.s2forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=75317
  11. As per advert it's the ECU and not the pump
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