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  1. My girlfriend lives near this car and we always make a point of looking to see if it's there when we pass, it looks in very good condition from what I can see.
  2. Could that accumulate that much in the footwell though? Or is there probably other problems aswell?
  3. Cheers mate! The strange thing is the drivers side is bone dry!
  4. I've added pictures so you can see how much water is actually getting in!!
  5. Yeah sorry forgot to mention it's passenger side and when I get home I will take pictures. Yeah I'll strip the interior because it'll only get ruined while its out in the elements. Also I'm not sure about the sunroof as I'm having problems with it.
  6. Hi guys I'm desperately trying to get to.the bottom of this water leak issue!! I'm not exaggerating when I say it's like a monsoon!! Within a week from completely dry it's about 4inches deep in water!! I've done the foliage seal with sealant just for the time being, I've done door membranes and fitted a new windscreen after finding that only 40% of.the bottom of the windscreen was bonded!! So I thought the windscreen was the problem! Problem solved! But no its still getting in like there's a hole in the roof!! Can anyone at all shed any light on this please, I'm begging because I love this car but I'm on the verge of selling it cheap because I can't sort the leak! :'( These are the pictures I got today before taking the interior out! The first one is the sunroof motor cover? And it was soaking wet! Is that due to the condensation or do.you think there could be a leak from the sunroof?
  7. Hi guys, Just looking to get a bit more of an idea on where I stand insurance wise with a conversion. I have gnarly for the corrado through the MOT and because I'm getting older I feel it's time to be more responsible, so I've got a few quotes with full mods list including engine change to R32. But the problem I have now os where I stand with the DVLA as I take it they need to know also. Question 1 is can I insure it all mods declared and not tell the DVLA and if anything did go wronged be covered? Question 2 is if I decided to tell the DVLA what would they want off me to sort it out? Engine number, proof of purchase etc. Seeing as the guy who did the conversion before me and I bought the car 18 months ago I feel id have a problem finding out where the engine came from, also I was lied.to about quite alot of things about the car and I'm kind of worrying that the engine is more than likely not legit. If anyone could shine any light on this it would be much appreciated Jonny
  8. I take it this is the whole lot as in gear stick aswell?
  9. Alright fellas, You may have seen my previous post on the obd port not working so I could scan the abs fault, well now I've sort that and it's showing errors I've not got the problem that it's not throwing up any abs faults 😞 It's throwing up a few different codes so I know it's working. Also I had a large water leak from the air intake for the blowers, so I presumed that the abs ecu maybe at fault so I've replaced it with one I know works and still no codes! Has anyone got any ideas what the problem could be? Thank you in advance for any help Jonny
  10. This is what I have found looking at it today, but I don't know how it should look?? So could you tell me if this is right please and if it's not tell me what's wrong :) Thanks jonny
  11. Yeah I've tyres the original diagnostic plug that's the one that's causing me a ball ache because it seems to be getting nothing :( and to be honest I don't think it was a psi install I think it was a kind of home brew :( so the guy reckons anyway! If it was done by psi, I've had nothing but struggles and would seriously not trust anyone, that do my car, to touch another car again!!
  12. Alright mate, how far do you get up Cumbria I'm in Keswick like and yours isn't a dragon green is it??
  13. I'm not to sure mate as I didn't do the conversion and I'm trying to put it all right or at least get it through MOT and take it to someone to fettle the rest. And cheers for the help guys, if I'm honest this has all gone straight over my head but I'll get someone who knows a lot more than me to look at this and then look at the car, I know the rev limiter isn't working because of something to do with a canbus convertor? Also in the tray under the globe box there was an additional what looked like female port, but wasn't connected to anything. Could that be involved??
  14. I wouldn't know mate? I'm quite well minded mechanically but electrically ****e!!
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