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  1. Received mine and looks superb, many thanks for organising this.
  2. Payment sent, many thanks for organizing this. Nathan
  3. Can you put me down for one to please. VR6 with no emblem. Thanks
  4. If not too late, I would like a set. PM me payment details and I will sort tomorrow morning. Thanks
  5. Trying to decide if to fit a set of Team Dynamics Pro Race 1’s to my vr. The wheels are 8x17 and ET38 with no tyres on them yet so would probably go for 205/40 17’s. I’m just a little concerned about possible arch rubbing and suspension clearance. The vr is lowered approx. 30-35mm on coilovers for info and also might be being used for transporting 4 people around quite a few times in the near future. Any info / opinions about fitment would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. Payment sent, via paypal. If you could let me know about picking up as per paypal message. Thanks
  7. Coul you put me down for one set also please, thanks
  8. I would also be interested in a 70mm front spoiler, thanks
  9. Refurbing the originals would have been my preferred option, unfortunately no where to park up the C with them off. Might even consider buying the cheapest I can find, then refurb the originals to put them back on sometime in the near future, its a bit long winded but I do want to upgrade the suspension within the next year, so an option. Cheers for the alternatives - more food for thought at least
  10. Is there a good quality alternative to VW wishbones for a VR6? Want to replace mine but the Dealers want £115 per side, which is simply out of my price range at present. I've seen some Febi ones for £33+VAT from AVS, would these be a reasonable alternative or does the price reflect the complete difference in quality? Just looking for some options really, any help appreciated.
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