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    I had mine done a while back by a forum user called banana man he was a top bloke and had all the kit at his home so had a nice cupper and a chat whilst he done it, took about 50 mins. bit of a journey for you though. See this thread http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=74505&page=7 My car felt smoother and more responsive after and no ill effects whatsoever.
  2. Classic Green, possibly storm going up Essex Way in Benfleet, Essex around 4.15 today, looked a real minter. Anybody on here ?
  3. Fantastic stuff the engine bay looks amazing hats off to you sir. My aux water pump recently started making a right racket and I needed to replace so I got a new bosch one from these guys http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271367079431?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fsch%2Fi.html%3F_sacat%3D0%26_from%3DR40%26_nkw%3D271367079431%26_rdc%3D1. Fast delivery and far cheaper than anywhere else. The annoying thing was I had to buy this to replace a genuine one I bought direct from VW in March 2011 part number 251965561B. The genuine one cost me £109.30 at the time and only lasted just over 6k miles before becoming really noisy and making a screeching noise after turning the car off, tried cleaning it made no difference, so in the end just decided to replace. But cant say I was to impressed with the genuine part only lasting 6k before playing up. My advice to you is if you decide to replace just get the bosch one and save your cash. The bosch one is probably half the price of what a genuine one will probably be now days and just as good if not better IMO.
  4. wow truly amazing, what a top job. if only I had the know how and guts.
  5. Yeah his prices are reasonable and I have bought a few off him in the past, all have arrived quickly and well packaged. On the other end of the scale anyone fancy another 1:18 scale model corrado in silver:- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Corrado-VR6-silber-limitierte-Auflage-von-700-Stuck-Revell-neu-in-OVP-1-18-/281251053489?pt=Spielzeugautos&hash=item417bde7fb1#ht_430wt_958 A limited run of only 700 apparantely, I couldnt justify spending that though.
  6. Not sure if you guys have seen this model yet but there is another new 1/43 scale minichamps corrado model available in violet pearl. The good news is these are currently going for half the normal price from a particular seller I found based in Germany. All in with postage it works out less than £30. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volkswagen-VW-Corrado-Baujahr-1990-lilametallic-1-43-Minichamps-/350982729580?pt=Spielzeugautos&hash=item51b8336f6c If you haven't already got the nugget one they recently brought out he is also doing that one for half price as well so bargain. Get buying before they go!!!!!!!!!
  7. I have had kw v1's on mine for two years and they have been great. You could have suspension costing a couple of grand but if you slam the car on the deck the ride is still going to be crap especially on UK roads. As long as the drop is sensible with KW V1's and some of the others mentioned on here like weitecs etc you will be fine. Over the years I have had my VR on its totally standard suspension, also tried a combo of standard shocks with HR springs (wouldn't recommend this). For me I think the KW v1's give just about the right balance and because I haven't had it slammed to the deck I find the ride is perfectly acceptable and not harsh at all. Here is a pic of my car as it sits on KW V1's it could go a lot lower and probably not scene enough for most people these days but I don't want to be crashing about and its the perfect balance for me.
  8. It was my mate's Mk1 bronze scirocco that got me into VW's in the first place it was fantastic, I loved it and still love scirocco's both the mark 1 and 2 to bits. It was the early 90's I was driving a mk3 escort at the time which was the biggest pile of crap you could ever wish to drive. My mate had his 1980 mk1 scirocco. It was so reliable and pretty compared to my escort and I loved the sporty low down driving position. I wanted one so bad but just couldn't find a decent one. I then started looking at mk2 scirocco's but again had terrible problems finding a really decent one, so ended up buying a 1989 Mark 2 golf gti 8v instead. Don't regret buying the Golf though it was fantastic especially only being in my early twenties at the time. No doubt that the prettier mark 1 is seeing values go steadily upward, the GLS example on 4star classics was up for sale recently if I remember at something like 18k and has sold already. http://www.4starclassics.com/VW-Scirocco-GLS-For-Sale/. IMO I think the mark 2 whilst not as pretty as the mark 1 looks best with the black trim bodykit, makes it look more purposeful. Cant see them ever being as sort after as the mark 1 but I still think they look cool and I still regularly look at the classifieds for both.
  9. Just my thoughts but I think we need some perspective here, I appreciate those particular prices on ebay seem pretty high, however, people seem prepared to pay it. When he only recently sold the roof mouldings within minutes for £210 the other week on this very forum, people were jumping at the bit to buy them including your good self clumpy. There wasn't to much complaining then about the price for the roof strips for what is basically two strips of plastic. Like yourself his profile would suggest he has donated to the forum in the past and I notice that he also has numerous other corrado parts on ebay for sale at pretty reasonable levels. Furthermore, from his previous posts on this forum, he has responded to numerous members who have posted up parts wanted ads and again his prices seem reasonable. Maybe a bit harsh to call into question his integrity and to suggest he is trying to rip people off based on the ebay listings you have highlighted and the fact he tried to sell a repro poster. His previous track record from his posts would suggest he has provided some good parts to forum members. Doing a search using the part numbers for the seat bolsters in the ebay listing, new bolsters are being sold at 94 USD each on US websites so his don't seem too exorbitant taking into account exchange rates and shipping costs etc from the US. The cost of the headlights also seem comparable with the cost of new complete LHD headlight units being sold in the US and elsewhere. So again perhaps a bit harsh to suggest he is blatantly trying to rip people off. Clearly he has access to some pretty decent new and in some cases obsolete parts and for me it would be a shame if he didn't now use the forum so we can perhaps have the opportunity to have a look first prior to them going on ebay etc. I am sure there are better ways to let him know that you consider his prices to be high rather than go down this route.
  10. It's a shame they didn't do a different model really like a vr6 storm or something. Its just minichamps being lazy I guess, they have previously done the exact model in blue and red. All they seem to do is change the colour every now and again. Whoever is in charge of their product and design department must have the easiest job in the world, money for old rope really, Won't stop me from buying it though.
  11. That is very nice I don't think it would be that hard to replicate that though by buying one of the new black revell models and then buying a set of wheels like these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-18-Scale-BBS-RS-15-INCH-TUNING-WHEELSET-GOLD-CENTERS-/231114392772?pt=UK_ToysGames_DiecastVehicles_DiecastVehicles_JN&hash=item35cf7dc4c4. There are loads of wheels available for around 15 quid a set. I don't suppose they can be that hard to change over if you wanted to customise one yourself. It would be a lot cheaper than buying one already made up as well because the ones already done go for around £100 or more. Might have a bash myself.
  12. We are being spoilt with Corrado models at the moment, two new revell ones and now minichamps have finally released their nugget Corrado in 1.43 scale. This model seems to have taken an age to be released after being on preorder for what seemed like years. I have only seen them for sale in Germany and France on ebay at the moment and again it only appears to be a limited run of just over a 1000 models. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MINICHAMPS-400055602-Volkswagen-VW-Corrado-G60-1990-1-43-/400624441125?pt=FR_YO_Jeux_VehiculesMiniaturesCircuits_VehiculesMiniatures&hash=item5d4713d725 Get buying while there still available !!!!!!!!.
  13. That looks superb mate, nice and original and lovely condition. Have you done much to it to get it in that condition?
  14. The wife ordered a black and red one for me as Christmas presents and I received them today, already had a sneaky look and they look great. However, they are not totally accurate models as the side strips are colour coded and not black. But its good that there making some new corrado models. I bought mine from http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/ck-modelcars_uk/ as he seemed to be the cheapest. I ordered them Friday night and got them today so great service. Black ones still available here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volkswagen-VW-Corrado-VR6-schwarz-1-18-Revell-/350934975772?pt=Spielzeugautos&hash=item51b55ac51c. Apparently its a limit run of 1000 models for each colour so better move quick if anybody wants one.
  15. Sorry cant point you in the direction of who has it but the DVLA website confirms whoever has it, has sorned it. So must be out there somewhere. Vehicle enquiry The enquiry is complete. The vehicle details for H628 ANH are: Date of Liability 01 03 2014 Date of First Registration 01 02 1991 Year of Manufacture 1991 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1781cc CO₂ Emissions Not Available Fuel Type PETROL Export Marker N Vehicle Status SORN Not Due Vehicle Colour BLACK Vehicle Type Approval Not Available Vehicle Excise Duty rate for vehicle 6 Months Rate £123.75 12 Months Rate £225.00
  16. Looks a really nice example and healthy engine, great to see another twilight violet car as well but then I am biased.
  17. Huge thanks to tomi for arranging to send my vacuum pipe so quickly a top bloke. Considering it was sent from Poland only took a couple of days amazing. Highly recommended and great comms.
  18. Hi everbody I am after a section of vacuum hose, I don't need the whole hose that goes all the round to the brake servo, only the part circled in red in the attached picture that I obtained from a previous wanted post on here. The part I need connects to the manifold and across the coil pack etc. It obviously needs to be in good condition with no splits or cracks. I appreciate because its fragile and its fairly large size that it will need to be boxed up so any postage will need to reflect this. If possible a picture to show condition would also help. If anybody has one available can you give me a price. Or alternatively can someone give me a part number so I can go to the dealer. I know the part number for the section that goes to the servo that I don't need is 358614041a, but despite my best efforts I just cant find the part number for the bit circled in red, such a pain. My car is a 94 Vr. Cheers Al
  19. Got my Battery cover today so just wanted to say many many thanks.
  20. Hi can I have the battery jacket please. Will wait for your PM with your Bank details.
  21. Just seen this for sale on http://www.4starclassics.com/VW-Scirocco-GLS-For-Sale/ It's stunning and I love the mark 1 scirocco but 20 grand !!!! Maybe there is hope for Corrado prices increasing.
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    Very Nice Storm, is there a lot that needs sorting ? are you planning to keep it standard ?
  23. Coming along really nicely. Nice bit or paint work on the engine there and admire your improvisation skills refurbishing and replacing various parts. WOuld love to take my engine out and give everything a proper clean, but just not brave enough.
  24. That looks immaculate what a beauty. i have to say i have never been a big fan of bodykits on corrados in the past but that's the best one I have seen and looks really good. Welcome along.
  25. Just read your whole thread what a great read. Glad it's now running sweet for you amazing turnaround especially considering only bought for 300 quid. Top work
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