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  1. A little canvas homage to my pride and joy of 19 years. Hope all you guys are doing OK.
  2. Well, after 19 years of Corrado VR6 ownership, Senor Sixy was sold on in mid-august. The intermittent starting problem had re-occurred (after virtually an issue-free summer) and it hadn't started for a week by the time it was sold. Just want to thank everyone who has chipped in with answers to my questions over the years - your help has been greatly appreciated. But, having started a new job in June, I needed to know that my car was going to start of a morning to get me to work, and the point had been reached whereby it was total pot-luck if it would start or not. So it was with more than considerable regret that I had to let him go. The good news is that he WILL live on as I sold it to the owner of Vara Technik (next to my place of work) in Ashford who, after flat-bedding Sixy Away three Thursdays ago got him up and running the folling morning! This was at a cost however as all the innards from under the dash (fuse box / relay box etc etc) were on the floor of the car and I was horrified. But I needn't have been. What this guy hasn't done to it isn't worth knowing about. All the engine faults have been rectified including the intermittent starting problem (which turned out to be a conflict between the after-market immobiliser and the factory fitted alarm - which i didn't even know I had) and he's also given it a bit of 'umphhhhh'........ Well, actually quite a lot of umphhhhh...... in that last night before going home from work, he took me out for a lap of the block in it. I have NEVER heard that car sound like that. The acceleration was phenominal, it roared like an Audi R8 and it's never been so quick. I was f****ing speechless!! The other good news is that he's going to keep him and get literally everything that needs doing to it done and may even turbo-charge it. He plans to use it as his 'daily' so I'll still be seeing him around from time to time. Once again, thanks guys for all your help. I now have an Audi A3 FSI SE which will never be the pride and joy my Corrado was, but hell, i'm 64 now........ and this is comfort on 4 wheels which at my time of life is all that I'm looking for. Cheers!!
  3. With regard to the intermittent starting, i put it out to the guys on the forum here and the usual suspects came up...... 109 relay (which as been replaced with a VW relay) and the ignitiion switch which has also been replaced with a genuine VW part. I have the garage receipt for this work. Someone also mentioned the Top Cam Sensor plug / connection which has not been looked at, and the immobiliser was mentioned. I've spoken to the immobilier people, and they have given me a work-around if it turns out to be the problem - I've just not tried that yet.
  4. Thanks Mate. Really gutted at having to let it go, but the starting problem is a big issue for me having just started a new job n' all!! It's probably something very silly, but I can't go out to it of a morning not knowing if it's going to start or not. And yes, a bargain for someone, given how I've looked after it for 19 years.
  5. I'm going to be at work on the 15th morning.......
  6. Sorry, there's a lot of info i have left off - my apologies. Yes, the chain and tensioners have been done and they are fine. This was a while back but all still good. It has an MOT until early December this year and the bodywork/chassis are all sound. There's a couple of paint blisters on both front wheelarches but hardly noticeable. It's still a good little runner, however, with the intermittent starting problem, I'm going to have to let him go, which i am very sad about. I have history dating back to 2006 but it is by no means complete. I have owned this Corrado since 2000. Prepared to drop the price to £2,000 for a quick sale - hopefully by the end of the coming weekend. If you need any other info, please call - happy to talk to you. Thanks Nick 07943 101701
  8. 1994 M REG..... 230,000 miles, well looked after, reasonably priced. £2,500 OVNO. Nick 07943 101701 Pics to follow. Thanks
  9. Thanks again.... can you give me an idea where this so i can inform my garage guys?? Thanks mate!!
  10. Hi Karmanski, once it's running it's fine - it doesn't cut out at all. I had a new crank sensor last year so i don't think it's that to be honest. The guys at the garage replaced the ignition switch at least a few years ago now, so i think i'm going to get both of these parts replaced and see where we go from there.
  11. Would you believe it started up this morning!! Been running around since 11am and it's been fine - like nothing was ever wrong! Do you think it's still worth replacing the 109 relay and putting in a new ignition switch though?
  12. This thought had crossed my mind as well Cressa and i'll suggest it to the garage guys too. Not had a new one in a quite a while now, so yes, definitely something to bear in mind. That's right up there with the possibilities. Thanks for your idea.
  13. Ah, OK - thanks for that. Appreciate your suggestions guys. I'll pass these one to the guys at the garage........
  14. Hi ya, no, nothing changed while the key was in the ignition. As i said, it started perfectly this morning go to where i need to be and got back again. Half an hour later needed to go out again and it wouldn't start.
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