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  1. I have pmd him thanks I couldn't work tap talk out done it now
  2. Do u know where in north wales he is ?
  3. Help is there much difference between Toyo proxes T1R and the 4 not sure which to put on my borbets ?
  4. Hi does anybody know if I can replace my Rado sunroof with a glass one from a golf are they the same size etc thanks
  5. Hi Yep thats me was hoping 2 go 2 bug jam but I think we will have to give it a mis. My Rado is falling to bits. Dont fancy doing a 5 hour journey with a broken rado :(
  6. Thanks all for your help :clap: :clap:
  7. A Relay No 99 has fallen out of my fuse box. I dont know where it goes or what it does? Can someone take a pic of their fuse box for me? its a 94 16V rado Thanks
  8. got the leads off ebay,the dizzy side of the lead is crimped on cant see the plug end tried unscrewin it and it doesnt want to twist .will it run ok with these leads without the sensor?
  9. ive just bought some ht leads for my corrado,should it have come with the tdc sensor cable stuck on 1 lead? because th set of leads ive bought hasnt got it on them, will the car run ok without it being connected?
  10. were can I get one of them done and about how much will it cost? thanks Jackie
  11. Hi My Rado is smoking a lot from the exhaust, it splutters a bit every now and then, and uses quite a bit of oil. When I took it for an mot in Nov he said the emissions were quite high. What is the problem and how can I solve it? Thanks Jackie
  12. My car will not go in reverse now its disapeered completely someone has told me i need a new linkage and selector where can i get these from and is it going 2 b pricey. thanks
  13. Ahhhh kind of done that already :grin: Didnt work :confused4:
  14. Not sure he didnt say, on the mot paper it says it failed because the reading was to high after the 2nd lamda reading! Whats an Italian Tune up?
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