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  1. Something to do with an alarm I bet
  2. Think I will have yo take them apart next spring to measure them as the chassis number is a 16v .someone fitted the g60 brakes in the past
  3. Cheers I've looked on ebay I need the correct length
  4. Can anyone tell me the front caliper slide pins part number. I want to fit new ones to mine when I paint calipers next year.cheers
  5. Hi new rear axle bushes made a massive difference to mine
  6. Looks like I need to take handle out soon then for a look
  7. I reckon it could be the window scraper not doing its job.they dont even touch the glass.
  8. Hi I went outside to start the car this morning to defrost it.shut the door when I was scraping the ice off ,went to open the door and it had locked itself.its done it a few times lately but when I am in it so no big problem. Luckily the heritage window scrapers I bought that fit crap came off easy and I got in.any ideas
  9. did you know there are 3 different lengths of handbrake cable fitted to corrados.i had problems last year with mine
  10. I found them to be very helpful. Great price aswell
  11. Well it's in place ready to be welded. I had to have a beer to celebrate
  12. I will try again tomorrow night if the weather is good.cheers for advice
  13. I thought my drill might be to big.
  14. I've got the front end stripped off.problem I am having is I cant get to the spot welds on side of chassis leg.cheers
  15. ive started to try and remove my battery tray to weld a new one in.i am finding it hard to fit the drill in to get to the side spot welds.the engine is still in place the pictures ive looked at people have removed the engine.its one of them jobs I wish I hadn't started.any tips on certain tools that work beter or how to get it out .cheers
  16. Loads of different types.i want something that lasts but not spending a fortune
  17. I will have a look on ebay cheers
  18. I've tried switching them but both are permanent live could it be ignition switch
  19. Update I've tried the red wire with yellow .it works USB as it should but radio works without key in ignition so battery might drain.ive tried red to red and yellow to yellow but it works again even without key in ignition. I've taken power from a separate wire off ignition switch, the radio works only when key is on but USB goes back to 1st song when key is off .any ideas
  20. ive got no signal for radio stations so not sure,the settings for bass etc don't change when I turn it off .its format to fat 32
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