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  1. Yes so i'm actually going to collect her tonight after work fingers crossed its got a good paint match and the repair is good as i still might have to sell it, but i'm considering other options and just keeping her. But in other news I got the job promotion at the hospital where i work now (pharmacy) and me and the Mrs got accepted to a Mortgage, also have her house up for sale now and are looking for a house with a garage to potentially keep my little bugger of a G60.
  2. Bit of an Update! It's getting repaired I had actually forgotten that i have a spare (BMW)BBS RZ at my parents house so i'm going to drop that off to the repair shop and they will refurb it to match the other wheels. The quote they sent for repair was just shy of £4000 total and i'll have to pay my excess and loose my no claims :( , it is what it is at this point i'm just glad i'll be getting her back and look forward to putting this whole incident behind me. Also mortgage meeting went well and i've got a job interview for a promotion next week so things are on the up, haha not to tempt fate or anything
  3. the wheels are BMW RZ so 7" wide and 15" not the standard VW which are 6.5" wide yeah im not desputing that it can be repaired its just why the hell should i pay for some dick damaging it and driving off through my insurance rising over the next three years plus do i loose my no claims(not protected) ?
  4. cheers guys Hopefully with the right exposure i can find the scumbag and get it done through their insurance, im just most worried about the sill damage and any potential damage to suspension, stub axle or beam damage that could make it uneconomical to repair and a write off which is criminal when you think how many G60's still have the orignal engine and charger setup let alone how many G60's are left. looking into getting some CCTV footage but the council dont seem to know who watches/operates it so ill just have to wait until the police get back to me with the form ive filled out and sent to them( not hopeful though)
  5. I'm just gutted... It couldn't have happened at a worse time im going for a mortgage meeting this Saturday and selling the Corrado was going to be a way of me raising funds for fees and stamp duty :( As for getting it back on the road i will have to wait and see what is said obviously if it gets repaired with a CAT D against it most people would stay well away as i would but the last thing i want to do is send this car off the the scrap heap in the sky so its really put me in a rut. my stomach has been churning all day lol i cant eat or stop thinking about how F****** angry i am.
  6. Well.... 07:00-07:30 this morning some absolute coward did this to my car then drove away. i found my center cap maybe 4 meters up the road and the chunk taken out my RZ was underneath the car behind me 2-3 meters back. I am absolutely livid and have obviously contacted police and insurance.police are getting me to fill in a form as they don't come round to see it or take pictures ????(chocolate teapot) and the car has already been picked up from the body assessment firm for the Insurance company but im just worried that i wont ever see my car again due to its age and cost to repair. I had actually decided to sell the car a month ago and had some feelers out but now im probably buggered with the excess on my policy to pay and a crap settlement from the insurance. this could be goodbye for me and this forum :( not exactly how i wanted it to end after 6 years of owning a G60.
  7. This is on my to do list this year i was hitting 124 in fairly normal driving last night. so if i read this correct you need the oil cooler kit as above the short union to remove the water to oil cooler ? is the original too long ? and the bypass water pipes again if you remove the water to oil ? you'll also need to pay 19.99 more for the thermostat in the plate essentially £200 quid all in ? but you then need to re-fill your G12-13 coolant ,oil change and filter If you do remove the water to oil im guessing you can stick with the normal oil filter then? sorry for all the questions i just want to get all the parts i need and do it over a weekend
  8. just looked through VW classic parts and only found the late ones where you cant adjust the fog light level and vw heritage dont sell early parts.... dont realy know where else to look now
  9. Checked about a month ago and they either didn't even list early ones or they have to no stock. how much did you pay out of interest? Might have to check classic parts vw again to see if they have been added
  10. Hi all spotted these on the my travels just wondering what your thoughts are, obviously I would prefer brand new hella Originals but at this price ?and fk don't have a terrible reputation. The cables look too short but would they fit am early front end? Link: http://www.carparts-tuning.co.uk/Lighting-Tuning/Indicator/Front-indicator-Set-VW-Corrado-Yr-88-95-chrome.html Can you even get new hella ones? Mine are just nasty after I put brand new new fogs in both sides Any input would be great
  11. there is actually a guy selling a wooden early corrado steering wheel its been on ebay for about a year cause he wants about 400 quid for it lol.
  12. yeah I think ill either have to do that or try to buy a new golf mk2 heater face and steal the little bulb I seem to remember a friend did that. bloody annoying this tiny little bulb
  13. Hi all Does anyone have a line on where i can source a new early dash bulb? as you can see in the picture its a complete unit with a two pin at the back ? (one that sits behind the early heater controls) pic attached if there is a LED option to brighten it up over the tiny candle that sits there ? may be nice? cheers Stewart
  14. looks lovely mate love the white G60 look i brought a replacement charger from G-werks and it didn't even last 3 K so i feel the pain and i was super careful bedding it in and fresh oil checked feed return lines and it was total pants, i got second hand unit got it refurbished and ported and polished in the end. nice to see a G getting some attention. need to get mine on the road this year damn
  15. Hi all just managed to source two brand new early fog lights and im looking to get a new set of indicators if possible? the front of the car not the sides checked VW herritage but theyre the late style and you need the black surround(wanna keep mine early) any insider knowledge ? cheers Stewart
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